CBX400F Integra cowl installation ~Test run~

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CBX400F Integra cowl installation ~Test run~

I wish I could have finished with this article, but I think there will be two or three more.
This is an article about installing a CBX400F Integra cowl on CBX.
I ran into a problem after a test run.
I will write about the results in the next section.

List of past articles

【CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition】

CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition
The cowl line of the CBX400F Integra is a little reminiscent of KAWASAKI's Z1R. Before I give it to the paint shop, I draw out a very detailed drawing and tell them how it should look like.
【CBX400F Integra Cowl Installation Temporary Edition】
CBX400F Integra Cowl Installation Temporary Edition
Posted the process of temporarily attaching the cowl to the early CBX model CB1 using the stay of the CBX late model - model SC06. CBX early model - Attach a stay to the body of my CBX model CB1.
【CBX400F Integra cowl installation edition】
CBX400F Integra cowl installation edition
If you have the stay of the later model of CBX, SC06, you can install the frame mount cowl fairly easily. Easy to install means easy to remove.
【CBX400F Integra cowl reinstallation edition】
CBX400F Integra cowl reinstallation edition
When I attached it to the CBX fully open, the offset was too large and there was a gap between the CBX meter and the CBX400F cowl. I was referring to the mounting position of rocket cowls such as Ducati's bevel. This is based on Kawasaki's Z1R turn signal installation position and cowl line. The fixing position of the cowl is based on Vedkati's bell.

Test run results-About body modification

The blinker stay and oil temperature gauge stay are shaking so badly that they need to be fixed.
Regarding the cowl, which I was worried about, there doesn't seem to be any strange vibration or strength issues.
The problem was not with the cowl itself, but with the way the accessories were attached, so I was relieved that I didn't have to go back or do something fatal again.
There seems to be no problem with the steering angle or interference.
This has little to do with the content of this post, but after I attached and removed the grip, I didn't immediately fix it with adhesive. This time, we will fix the throttle side with wiring.
If the throttle grip becomes misaligned while riding, it will make it difficult to ride the motorcycle. I will correct these points little by little.
To give a quick general review, there seems to be no problems other than the severe shaking of the stay to which small items are attached.

Impressions of driving with Integra cowl installed on CBX400F

I had ridden a motorcycle with a cowl in the past, but I had completely forgotten how it felt.
As expected, the motorcycle with the cowl was the best. The way the wind hits is completely different from the naked state.
I usually open the throttle wide, but I wish I had installed the cowl earlier. It's a strange human emotion to think that you should have done things earlier that you didn't notice about most things.
Now, regarding the ride quality, since the front area is heavier, the atmosphere while driving is completely different.
When cornering, I felt that it was easy to tip over. Of course, there is also the influence of the driving wind.
There may also be some other disadvantages.
I don't feel any disadvantages at the moment.
It is more comfortable to ride a motorcycle if it has a cowl.
However, the naked style of CBX is cool. It's possible that I may remove the cowl at a later date due to my personal preference, but for the time being I'll be riding with the cowl attached.

Photo Gallery – Thoughts on Looks

There are some small improvements to be made when installing the CBX400F Integra cowl this time. However, I am very happy that I was able to create it at a level that allowed me to think about various small improvements.
For the cowl, we added lines and created it at the same time as the exterior repainting to create a cohesive look.
The CBX100 is made as a motorcycle with a round headlight, so it is difficult to go beyond that and become cooler.
On the other hand, the Z1R, which is designed with a bikini cowl, loses its coolness a little when it only has round headlights.
The photo below shows the level of installation accuracy that would allow you to run at court speed without any problems as long as you don't pick up any bumps.

Photos of CBX400F cowl installation problems

This is a photo of the problem. Simply put, it is a vibration problem.
HONDA CBX-Yoshimura Temperature Meter
HONDA CBX-Yoshimura Temperature Meter
Regarding the temp meter and turn signals, they are shaking badly while driving, so I need to fix them. I'm planning to try sandwiching the rubber and see what happens.

CBX400F Integra cowl installation ~Test run~【summary】

This is the result of a test run. There were no fatal defects.
I had intended to keep the turn signal firmly fixed, but
I regret that it was necessary to make the parts harder and add cushions.
The normal stay was a rubber mount set with the headlight.
My goal is to be able to run, so
In some cases, the selection of bolts may be lenient.
Next time I'll renovate it a bit and make it even better.
See you again!
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