This is a product that I have used or researched. Inquire about parts attached to CBX or FCR series from motorcycle supplies such as helmets.


FCR Tuning - Cold Startability - Air Screw and Pilot Screw Adjustment - 22/11/01...

This is a post about the FCR setting of CBX. The other day, I adjusted the air screw while watching the idling with a digital tachometer. I didn't tighten the pilot screw to rich or lean, and I didn't return the air screw for about 15 minutes after the maximum opening.

3 things I liked about CBX with cowl specification...

The best thing about installing the cowl is the change in driving.I have written that there are three things, but the change in driving is the most important and main thing.I also had a lot of fun chatting with riders who like cowls.