This is a list of tags related to AS Uotani SP2. Its such a great product that I think it should be installed first on the CBX1000


FCR-tuning SJ and MJ change 22/08/15...

With SJ45, I felt like the screw was opening too much, so I changed it to 42. I chose 42 because I wanted to make fine-tuned tuning, but 40 might be the perfect range for all year round. I feel a little regretful that it might not be necessary to make it look strangely deviate from Bito's initial tuning.

FCR-screw adjustment and AS Uotani SP2 dial tuning 22/0729...

I looked at the cold startability of the engine and tried adjusting AS and PS. I had already decided on the general tuning the other day, so I didn't have to spend any particular time on it, so it was more of a confirmation process. I feel that it is better to open the PS for starting performance. I tried tightening and opening it, but in the end I left it at the default tuning and moved the idle stop screw a little higher.

FCR turning-all changes-22/07/09...

The theory of FCR turning is AB testing, one step forward, two steps back! After about a month of trying various things, I decided to completely change the turning. Rather than ignoring the theory, this is the first step in tuning it up. I've tried a lot of things and have a good history, so I changed everything in one go and started over.

FCR-tuning-AS Uotani SP2 ignition timing [1] 22/06/12...

I set this because I advanced the light dial of AS Uotani SP2 from [0] to [1]. I prefer the feeling of installing it in [2], but it's not a bad feeling with [1], so I'm thinking of adjusting the FCR turning in [1] and then changing the ignition timing to +4 degrees in [2]. I am.


This article is about the test run and turning after changing the light dial of AS Uotani SP2. This is a tuning change due to a change in ignition timing. I was thinking of dealing with it by changing the accelerator pump or clip. However, I think it is better not to include the acceleration pump as the main tuning item.

AS Uotani SP2-gap adjustment and iridium plug...

AS Uotani's SP2 has instructions to adjust the plug gap to 1.1-1.3mm. I've had some doubts about that. Is the same true for iridium plugs? This was a while ago, but I would like to write about the results of a phone call I made to AS Uotani.

AS Uotani SP2-Dial turning...

My CBX is equipped with AS Uotani SP2. The reason is not to strengthen the ignition system, but rather to avoid unnecessary trouble. Of course, it is also wonderful as an aftermarket part.

FCR-Test run with acceleration pump adjustment-22/06/09...

I posted an article about replacing the diaphragm of the accelerator pump of CBX's 6-unit FCR. I will post a blog post about it as a history of my test drive. I will write the conclusion or results first. It's better after the change. Is it better to turn down the accelerator pump a little in the summer? That's what I thought.

Test run with FCR-MJ throttle fully open2020/06/04...

This is my impression when I drove FCR's main jet MJ at full throttle. Although I didn't drive specifically to set the turning, I was able to use the expressway alone on my way back from touring, so I was able to test the MJ at full throttle. I will write as much as I can remember as a history, including reviews at that time.

Old folk house cafe Matsubaya in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture...

This is a story about going on a tour. Please use this as a reference when planning your course. Suitable for people living in Hiroshima or Yamaguchi prefectures. It starts from the Hiroshima Kita Interchange in Asakita Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The course is to visit three locations and then return home.