What is the appeal of motorcycle carburetor specifications?

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What is the appeal of motorcycle carburetor specifications?

The other day, at an event venue...
“You can’t get the feeling of a carburetor’s heartbeat with injection, etc…”
There were some riders who were having conversations like this.
I've been playing with FCR a lot, but if possible,
I'm thinking that it would be possible to set it with the ECU.
*Full controller is an ECU that controls ignition timing and fuel injection, which can be easily set by the rider using a PC, etc.
In short, there are two types of motorcycle fuel injection systems in the world.
Carburetor specifications or other than Carburetor specifications?
Everything except the carburetor is injection.
Since FCR is also a carburetor specification, I will write about the good and bad points of carburetor specifications while comparing them with injection. The trick here is to write about it while comparing it to injection.
As a term,
A misty mixture of gasoline and air
@Air-fuel ratio
Air/FuelThe ratio of gasoline and air mixed is 1:12.5, which is said to be the power air-fuel ratio, and 1:14.7 is the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio.

How is the engine startability with Carburator specifications?

Startability is poor compared to injection specifications. It depends on the type and condition of the motorcycle, but there is no superiority to the carburetor specifications.

What about the fuel efficiency of Carburator specifications?

Injection specificationsと比べると燃費は悪いです。モーターサイクルやコンディションにもよりますけど、Carburetor specificationsが上回る点はないです。Carburetor specificationsはInjection specificationsの燃費に近づく事が精いっぱいです。

What about driving performance?

The running performance is poor compared to the injection specifications. The reason is that injection specifications can achieve air-fuel ratios that are impossible with carburetor specifications. Injection specifications create the appropriate mixture based on various sensors such as temperature, speed, throttle opening, and negative pressure. Carburetor specifications rely on the engine's suction power to create the mixture. In this respect, Injection specifications have the upper hand.

About push start

Injection specifications depend on electricity, so if the battery is quite weak, it may not be possible to inject, but basically it can be injected in the same way as carburetor specifications. You don't have to worry about it.
If you are in a situation where you can only push the car with modern injection specifications, it may be better not to ride it, considering other problems.

Regarding durability. Is injection trouble free?

The problem of gasoline leaking from the carburetor is a problem specific to Carburetor specifications.
The air-fuel ratio may also be out of order.
The trouble rate is definitely higher with Carburetor specifications.
Injection is almost trouble free.
However, when a problem occurs, the Carburetor specifications provide a faster recovery speed.
Since the structure is simple, maintenance costs are also low.
Injection parts can be expensive to replace.
As for the carburetor, it may be more accurate to say that it was not repaired because it was broken, but rather that it was not maintained and will be restored through maintenance.
It seems that there are some motorcycle shops that do not accept carburetor maintenance services in the first place.
For people who don't do maintenance themselves or who don't care about small differences in cost, durability is also important.
Injection wins.

About tunings

Carburetors require maintenance, so although tuning can be done by hand, it is time-consuming. Racing carburetors such as FCR are designed to allow a wide range of manual tunings and are highly workable, but they are time-consuming.
Since it is assumed that the injection will not be touched, it is basically impossible to set it because it is unlikely to cause trouble. However, if you retrofit a kit that allows you to set it up, you can easily set it up from your smartphone. No tools required.
If you can get both tunings to a state where it is easy to do, injection will definitely be preferred.

Advantages of carburetor

Touch it yourself! In other words, the advantage is that it is made with the premise that you will be able to maintain and touch it yourself. Aside from exhaust gas regulations, injection has the characteristic of being trouble-free and requiring fewer touches. In terms of acoustics, analog records and CDs do not have superior advantages to either. It can be said that there is no point where the carburetor is superior in terms of performance.
It can be said that there is no merit except for seeing the disadvantages as classic quirks such as the sound peculiar to a carburetor and the smell of exhaust gas.

Injection of carburetor specifications

There's nothing that can't be done, and some people are doing it.
However, when considering the benefits and cost-effectiveness of doing so, it may not be the best solution depending on the motorcycle and operating method. There is no doubt that injection is better, but if you are going to spend the effort, time, and money to change the characteristics of the machine, it is better to buy another new motorcycle.
It might be fun to own multiple units and have the first one with cab specifications and the second with injection specifications.
Based on the above, it seems like you will be asked to modify the CBX to Injection specifications.
The hurdles seem to be a bit high, so it is currently difficult to do so right away.

What is the appeal of motorcycle carburetor specifications?【summary】

In conclusion, the classic elements such as sound and gasoline smell are attractive.
Performance-wise, it's not that appealing.
This is the summary for this time.
Writing this down made me feel a bit sad.
When viewed as a vehicle called a motorcycle, it cannot be said that it has excellent performance.
Carburetors are machines that can be thoroughly enjoyed as a hobby.
Riders who prefer a carburetor are probably DIY-oriented.
In any case, choosing between carburetor specifications and injection specifications is not something you choose after purchasing a motorcycle. This is one of the characteristics of that machine.
All newer model year motorcycles are injection-powered.
If you are riding an old motorcycle, enjoy maintaining the Carburator specifications every day!
See you again!

*I will post many photos of FCR disassembled at the bottom.

FCR tuning and disassembly photos

There seem to be many different types of carburetors. FCR is a forced open/close type carburetor. One of the characteristics of this carburetor is that it opens the valve directly with the throttle wire, and it has a quick response.
This carburetor is currently the mainstream tuning for carburetors, and the most abundant aftermarket parts and tuning parts are available.
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