This article is mainly about bikers. It may be a bit off-topic if you only look at the CBX, but I will write about the equipment, contracts, and other things needed to ride the CBX.


FCR tuning - Acceleration pump adjustment - If it is too fast, it will hit the throttle valve....

Write down what will hit you first. I found a case the other day, where the fuel injection from the FCR's accelerator pump hit the throttle valve. The fuel is not being sucked into the engine, but is instead hitting a door called the throttle valve.

Do you have the parts list, service manual, electrical diagram, and FCR tuning manual?...

I have written a case where I lent the CBX parts list to an acquaintance. At that time, I also lent them the service manual, power distribution diagram, and FCR tuning manual. I wouldn't say it's essential when doing DIY, but it doesn't hurt to have it on hand and read it carefully for knowledge.

Naked style - CBX looks cooler without a cowl...

I posted a naked style photo from a few years ago that came out. I once again felt that the design of the CBX really suits the naked-style round headlights. When it comes to riding, a motorcycle with a cowl is definitely easier to ride.

Initial turning of CBX FCR33 shipped by BITO. CBX bikers will be happy after reading this....

BITO seems to be the shipping company for FCR in Japan, so I think the information I heard here is pretty solid.

AS Uotani SP2-gap adjustment and iridium plug...

AS Uotani's SP2 has instructions to adjust the plug gap to 1.1-1.3mm. I've had some doubts about that. Is the same true for iridium plugs? This was a while ago, but I would like to write about the results of a phone call I made to AS Uotani.

Made by Kitako - Quick fuel joint for fuel line...

This is an introduction to the parts installed on the CBX. Please use this as a reference for beginners who are just starting to use FCR. If you set up FCR, the number of times you have to drop the gas tank will increase. We are equipped with an item that allows you to easily attach and detach the fuel hose at that time, so we would like to introduce it to you.

GUN125-Transplanted the horn from the new Hilux...

The CBX horn is quite large and heavy, probably because it is part of the design. Since it has been made into a cowl, we will replace the horn with something lighter and smaller. The horn of the Hilux has been changed. I transplanted the normal horn from the Hilux that I had removed.

Okayama International Circuit-Power Ride2020/09/20...

To Okayama International Circuit. If you like motorcycles, you must try [circuit riding]! Isn't there a lot of people who think that? There are many other options, such as [going to Hokkaido], [user vehicle inspection], [tramping], [going around Shikoku], [traversing Japan], and [wanting to do a wheelie]. [Circuit driving] is one of the top items.

CBX Photos - At Personal Garage - Many Photos...

This is a photo gallery of Personal Garage. This is a fun garage with everything from normal to shiny road glides. Next door is a custom car shop.