AS Uotani SP2-gap adjustment and iridium plug

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AS Uotani SP2-gap adjustment and iridium plug

Mainly describes the plug information when using AS Uotani SP2 with CBX.
I will touch on plug gap adjustment and plug information.
I am not writing about how to adjust the gap or tips.
This is a post to inform you about the appropriate gap adjustment for iridium plugs.
There are no conclusions. If I had to say it, the conclusion depends on each rider's way of thinking.
I use iridium plugs with a gap of 1.2mm.
This will be a post explaining why there is no conclusion.
I also write down any numbers I might want to know when I'm on the go, so if you have any trouble,
Please refer to it.

Which part number of plug should I use?

I write in NGK.
When using a plug that can be equipped with AS Uotani SP2, select one with a resistor.
If it is a normal plug,
If it is an iridium plug,

According to the service manual
The difference in part number is whether or not the plug has resistance.

As it says in the manual
Count numbers 7-9 are used.
NGK's high performance plug
There is no tuning for MotoDX plug to be attached to CBX.
It is not something that needs to be processed and installed, so
Please use iridium plugs or normal plugs.
Blisk plugs are also good, but I want to use Japanese products, so I use NGK.
Even if the product is made overseas, it is easy to use if the supply is stable.
The reason is that since plugs are replacement parts, it is better to use products with stable supply and solid information.
A plug with a tab will catch the electrode if the tip melts.
Because there is one cushion. That is also one of the reasons.
HONDA CBX-Service Manual
HONDA CBX-Service Manual
This is the service manual's description of the plug.
When the temperature is below 5 degrees, use heat value number 7.
Usually ride with a heat value of 8.
My interpretation is that it says to use heat value number 9 when running the engine at high speeds.
The gap specification is written as 0.6-0.7mm.
The specification for AS Uotani SP2 is 1.1-1.3mm.

Is it necessary to adjust the iridium plug gap?

This section is the main part of what I want to write about.
AS Uotani's SP2 has instructions to adjust the plug gap to 1.1-1.3mm.
I have had doubts about that.
Is the same true for iridium plugs?
This was a while ago, but
I will write the results of my phone call to AS Uotani.

①The type of plug doesn't matter.
② Increase the gap to make the spark longer.
③ There is no need to forcefully adjust the gap.
④Blisk has not been tested in-house, and there are no plans to test it.
⑤Use a plug with a resistor.
⑥ No gap adjustment was made in our own tests.
⑦Using AS Uotani SP2 will make the spark from the plug stronger.

I received a response like this.
The type of plug doesn't matter, so adjust the gap of the iridium plug to 1.2mm within the specified range,
I am currently using it. There are no problems.

Difference between iridium plug and normal plug

I have compared almost new products, or rather, there have been cases of trouble, so
I will write it down.
I feel that iridium plugs are better in terms of performance, and the engine starts better when cold in winter.
I feel like it's good. It's a placebo effect.
This is where the main problem lies.
This is a story that takes place in the winter. When replacing the throttle wire, with the FCR attached,
I ended up doing some work. Check the opening of the 1st and 6th cylinder throttle valves when fully open,
I checked the play and the strength of the return.
The plug was covered because the accelerator pump was working too hard.
After that, it was winter, so I was in a bad situation for a while.
I ended up covering it with two plugs in a row.
At this stage, I had covered a total of 12 plugs, 6 each of normal plugs and iridium plugs,
It is in hand condition. As a premise, I intend to mainly use iridium plugs.
I tried cleaning the plugs and lightly roasting them, but the iridium plugs did not come back to life. Then, with the stock plug, when I started the engine after a while, it started. Here, the normal plug wins.
It depends on the procedure and how the trouble occurs, but from the point of view of recovering when the plug turns over,
It is most likely a normal plug.
Depending on the season, iridium plugs may have returned as well. CBX is not a trouble-resistant vehicle. If one problem occurs, you may have multiple problems.
Some people have said that it is better not to use a plug once it has been damaged.
So, I think normal plugs are resistant to overlapping. Iridium has long performance and longevity.
This is how we position and use it.

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AS Uotani SP2-gap adjustment and iridium plug【summary】

You can't see electricity.
Performance is difficult to judge.
Regarding this blog post, there are examples like this!
I would be happy if you could accept what I said.
I also reread the manual while writing.
And there are many things to notice.
This time, the CBX service manual states that the heat value of the plug is 7-9.
By reviewing the CBX service manual, I confirmed methods such as changing the plug size from No. 8 to No. 9.
Changing the plug size will also change the ignition characteristics, so I don't think it's a simple matter to change the ignition timing.
I will try various things little by little.
Well then! See you again!
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