CBX400F Integra cowl installation troubles

CBX400F-stay not visible Cowl
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CBX400F Integra cowl installation troubles

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【CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition】

CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition
The cowl line of the CBX400F Integra is a little reminiscent of KAWASAKI's Z1R. Before I give it to the paint shop, I draw out a very detailed drawing and tell them how it should look like.
【CBX400F Integra Cowl Installation Temporary Edition】
CBX400F Integra Cowl Installation Temporary Edition
Posted the process of temporarily attaching the cowl to the early CBX model CB1 using the stay of the CBX late model - model SC06. CBX early model - Attach a stay to the body of my CBX model CB1.
【CBX400F Integra cowl installation edition】
CBX400F Integra cowl installation edition
If you have the stay of the later model of CBX, SC06, you can install the frame mount cowl fairly easily. Easy to install means easy to remove.
【CBX400F Integra cowl reinstallation edition】
CBX400F Integra cowl reinstallation edition
When I attached it to the CBX fully open, the offset was too large and there was a gap between the CBX meter and the CBX400F cowl. I was referring to the mounting position of rocket cowls such as Ducati's bevel. This is based on Kawasaki's Z1R turn signal installation position and cowl line. The fixing position of the cowl is based on Vedkati's bell.
I'm a little worried about the gap between the cowl and the meter. Currently, I tighten the tightening places, After installing the additional meters, turn signals, horn, and other safety parts, you will be able to take a test run. I have a feeling this blog will be a long-lived one, with sections on installing safety parts, test runs, and even starting over again.

I am worried about the gap between the cowl and the meter.

When installing the upper cowl, there are some current motorcycles and recently specially designed motorcycles where there is no limit to the gap.
There are no gaps on motorcycles with handlebar-mounted bikini cowls.
Also, some older models such as the GPZ900R have a gap of about 10cm between the meter and the cowl.
There is also a gap in the later model of CBX.
Ducati's bevel etc. have ridiculous gaps.
Does that mean there is a gap on purpose? Is it more beautiful to have gaps?
I'm having a little trouble. I cleaned up the wiring, but the stay for fixing the cowl was visible.
You can see the stay for fixing the blinker. I'm thinking about how to do this.
Should I make the stay as invisible as possible? Should I move the cowl closer to the meter so there is no gap in the first place? Let's compare the photos side by side.

CBX400F cowl installation-gap with meter

When you look at it this way, it looks more beautiful without the stays and gaps.
If you want to make it visible, you can make it look neat,
If you want to keep it out of sight, it may be a good idea to hide it or cover it.
This is my current plan, but tomorrow I'll think about it and then make sure that the stay is as invisible as possible inside the cowl.
As expected, without the stay, it will be difficult to drive.
I'm not thinking about not having a stay.
It is no good to see too many wires.
Redo the wiring so that it does not sag.

Turn signal installation position

The position of the turn signal is based on Kawasaki's Z1-R. The original CBX location was also the same as the photo. However, on later models of CBX and CB750F Integra, the turn signal moves to the bottom of the triple tree the moment the cowl arrives. I can't help but think that it was moved there because there was some space in that area, rather than a design aspect. I feel like it's better to decide on a design or theme first before starting work like this, so you don't end up with a haphazard and uncool installation.
It's probably easier not to bring the turn signal to its current location.
HONDA CBX-CBX400F cowl installation
HONDA CBX-CBX400F cowl installation
As expected, the position of the turn signal does not seem bad when viewed from the front. If it's between the bottom and top of the headlights, the balance won't be bad. Before installing the turn signal, I thought the mirror was unbalanced.
I feel like the balance has improved with the turn signals on.

CBX400F Integra cowl installation troubles【summary】

One motorcycle that I think looks cool with a cowl is the GPZ900R-Ninja.
When you look at this motorcycle from the side, you can see that there is a large gap around the meter. But that space is empty. My CB child uses a stay to attach the turn signal to the side of the part without a cowl.
It looks good when viewed from the front, but now the stays are sticking out when viewed from the side. Next, remove this state and paint the back side of the cowl black. The stay that is not completely hidden,
I'll hide it one more step. Also, extend the wires coming from the turn signal and horn and run them inside the cowl so that they are not visible.
I thought there would be no problem if additional meters were installed inside the cowl.
However, since the problem has become apparent, I will make it so that it cannot be seen from directly beside the cowl.
Tomorrow is a public holiday. I manage to finish it even if I use it all day.
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