FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/23-Video available

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FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/23-Video available

Continuing from the other day, I will touch on the JN jet needle. It would be better to do it on the same day due to temperature etc.
To be honest, it's not possible, so I'll work at the same temperature as yesterday.
If your body goes out of whack in the same season and in the same place, something is broken in the first place. I liked the previous tunings, so I'm working with the mindset that if something goes wrong, I can just go back to the original tunings. It is important to take notes on your work history.
To write down the results first, I returned to the current tunings.
Changing the current tunings after touching various things may be the same as not doing anything.
The benefit of this experience is that I was able to confirm within myself that the current tunings are in a better situation.

FCR-tunings-Replace JN

The base tuning.
[Current tunings]

If I find a feeling I like by replacing the JN or changing the clip, I will also add AS.
I will touch AS from time to time if I feel like it.

It feels thin and no good.

It looks nice, but the base would be better.

Too rich is no good.

It looks nice, but the base would be better.

Decided! ! When I look at the air-fuel ratio meter in partial mode, it seems a bit rich, but I like this for the feeling of acceleration and revving.

As a result, it's the same as doing nothing, but what I get is that my current tunings are
That's a wonderful tuning. Regarding the speed and acceleration of a well-conditioned motorcycle,
You will be able to own it. I don't know the ultimate range, so I can't say anything.
I feel like I'm progressing step by step in my own way.
CBX FCR-Jet needle change test run
I tried to compare it in a video, but even if I opened it quickly, I hadn't decided where to open it or how far to open it, so it was pretty rough. If I were to express it in words, I would simply twist it without thinking.
There is no problem if you think of it as a test run when you do a rough trial run without thinking about anything,
As a point of review from next time, I will consider tunings such as how to open the throttle.

FCR-For Beginners-JN Jet Needle Clip

If you look at the tuning manual, you can read that the jet needle is from the idling range to 3/4.
It's not exactly according to the tuning manual, but it feels like the influence decreases towards full throttle.
The straight diameter has a mild overall effect on the air-fuel ratio so that the air-fuel ratio is also affected. However, rather than affecting the air-fuel ratio, the clip changes the ride quality dramatically.
When actually riding, just changing the clip can make a huge difference in the feeling.
Once you have an air-fuel ratio that looks good, you can try touching the clip according to your feeling without worrying about the air-fuel ratio.
If you only chase the numbers on the air-fuel ratio meter, you may not get much better results.
While looking at the feeling when opening suddenly and the value on the air-fuel ratio meter when the throttle is fixed and partial,
You can use it as a hint for the next step.

CBX Photos

I haven't been able to take many pictures, but I make it a habit to clean the head and check the tension of the accelerator wire by tuning the steering wheel left and right when I lower the tank. It will be easier to maintain your motorcycle in good condition if you do just a few things that can only be done when the tank is removed.

FCR-tuning JN-2022/04/23-Video available【summary】

I keep my work history as a memo in a Google spreadsheet.
In this way, you can make new discoveries by leaving it as text on your videos and blogs.
It would be better to look more seriously at the accelerator opening.
Currently, we are concerned about sudden openings, so where and how far have they opened?
I realized that it would be better to be aware of such things and to record them in my notes and work history.
Depending on the accuracy of the work you are looking for, you may not need to do it.
If you are trying to change it in a short period of time like this time, or if you have already found your best tunings,
Since the main focus will be on comparisons, I regret that this was absolutely necessary.
Thank you for reading to the end.
I'm sure everyone is busy tuning up FCR.
Please be careful of motorcycle accidents and troubles.
Well then! See you again!
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