I use it when tramping CBX. It is said to be a new Hilux or GUN125. This vehicle has been completely customized, including a body lift and 35-inch tire tonneau cover.


Change from single horn to double horn...

[Single horn] has been changed to [Double horn]. CBX models CB1 and SC03 are single horns. It's a single horn with a cowl attached to it that seems to be part of the design, but I didn't have a place to attach it, so I changed it to a small car horn.

GUN125-Transplanted the horn from the new Hilux...

The CBX horn is quite large and heavy, probably because it is part of the design. Since it has been made into a cowl, we will replace the horn with something lighter and smaller. The horn of the Hilux has been changed. I transplanted the normal horn from the Hilux that I had removed.

Okayama International Circuit-Power Ride2020/09/20...

To Okayama International Circuit. If you like motorcycles, you must try [circuit riding]! Isn't there a lot of people who think that? There are many other options, such as [going to Hokkaido], [user vehicle inspection], [tramping], [going around Shikoku], [traversing Japan], and [wanting to do a wheelie]. [Circuit driving] is one of the top items.