Okayama International Circuit-Power Ride2020/09/20

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Okayama International Circuit-Power Ride2020/09/20

There are so many things I've wanted to do since I started riding motorcycles.
Among them, I love motorcycles! If you have declared that your hobby is motorcycling, there are some things you should try...
[Circuit driving]
Isn't there?
In addition, [Go to Hokkaido] [User vehicle inspection] [Trainpo] [Around Shikoku] [Across Japan]
[I want to do a wheelie]
I can think of such things. I think [Circuit driving] is one of the top items in this list.
It depends on the car model, so there are those who are interested and those who are not.
But have you ever run? Isn't there? is an item that is significantly different from 0.
If you do it extensively, it will take time and money to prepare.

Why do you want to go to the circuit?

I felt like it was going to be a long post, so I split it into parts.
I wanted to try driving the circuit in the CBX, even just once.
I visited the circuit simply because I wanted to achieve that goal.
My goal was to return safely by myself without any direct help from anyone, including arranging a car or motorcycle and how to do it. I'm not the type to play CBX very hard, so it might just be this one time.

Circuit Gallery, Part 1

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Let's start with the first part.
By the way, I had purchased a new Hilux GUN125 at the time, so I was riding along on my trampo. If the rudder is long, it will bend, so I put my foot in the middle.

Circuit Gallery, Part 2

Photos inside the circuit, etc. It was refreshing to remove the mirror and put tape on it.
You must also attend a training session before riding.

Circuit gallery, part 3

The excursion is over. The tires were also more worn out in the corners.

Looking back at circuit driving

After writing down the results first, I was able to return to Hiroshima safely.
During the circuit riding itself, the CBX was slow on the straights, so I felt like I was causing trouble to the riders around me, so I felt sorry. There were quite a few people who fell over, so it was a little scary.
My driving technique was poor and the CBX itself was slow, so it was just an obstacle.

Okayama International Circuit-Power Ride2020/09/20【summary】

This Power Ride event is in the category of a trial run before making its debut on the circuit.
One hour of training is required. You can also overtake.
There are people with bad manners everywhere, and the pits reserved for power ride participants were occupied by veterans and shop workers. Some people are clearly beginners.
Don't act in a way that suits you because there are beginners.
I would like beginners to be taught the rules of the circuit and how to use it.
I watched it thinking that if the number of beginners didn't increase, tomorrow's circuit management would be difficult and I wouldn't be able to enjoy it myself.
Since there was an empty space, calling out to someone strangely would only cause trouble, so I didn't call out to them.
After this circuit run, I started making changes to the front, taking a serious look at the FCR tunings, and changing the brakes.
It was a day that changed my attitude toward motorcycles.
I still have enough FCR! Although it cannot be said that it is limited to CBX,
I think I have attached and detached the FCR quite a few times.
Someday, I'll have to see a car set up by a professional somewhere.
I don't think they realize where the correct answer is.
I think it would be good if I could find my own goal before that.
I guess it's impossible...
Well then! See you again!
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