Night view spot in Hiroshima – Otake City – NIHON SEISHI Factory

3 bikes and a factory touring
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Night view spot in Hiroshima – Otake City – NIHON SEISHI Factory

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If you are coming from Hiroshima Prefecture, you can reach it by tuning left just before the bridge that marks the border between Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures.
I don't feel particularly lost, but if you hear the sound of a motorcycle, be very careful not to collide head-on with other riders.
I think there are some people who head there at night, so there are accidents such as people falling into the sea, so please let someone know where you are going before heading out.
It's good to go after driving on the West Bypass, it's good to go for the factory, or it's good to take photos.
If your main focus is photography, don't forget a tripod.
Please refrain from making max turns, wheelspin, or making noise.

Please be careful

When people start gathering at these kinds of spots, problems such as wheel spin, garbage problems, etc.
Troubles can occur in various ways such as accidents, lost items, crimes, etc.
Please be very careful.
Around 2020, it seems that many cases of trouble in Hiroshima were caused by middle-aged people riding motorcycles in groups.
The middle-aged people in the group tend not to wander around at night, so I think it's okay.
I would appreciate it if you could just leave quietly and report the incident to avoid getting into trouble.
I think younger people have better manners these days. When they are middle-aged and in groups, they tend to be very agitated, so I am careful not to approach them or cause trouble.
In fact, I often drive too fast on the road, so I would like to be careful while writing about animals and falling objects.


At this time, I was invited by a young couple rider to take pictures.
In fact, all three of us had never been there before, so we headed there just to explore.
There were other groups as well, but we were able to take pictures while giving in to each other.
Since then, I have been very careful,
It is better to have a USB power source that can be accessed from the motorcycle.
People who ride older motorcycles should use bright headlights when riding their motorcycles at night.
It's not like there's no problem just because it passed the vehicle inspection, it's just dangerous.
I also think it should be equipped with a hazard. It is necessary for communication at each event or in situations where strangers pass each other.
If you are in a group, it is preferable to have intercom or line group calls available.
In urban areas, Line group calls are sufficient, but in the mountains or when driving at relatively high speeds, an intercom is definitely better. You can make one-to-one calls using the universal intercom function, so if you connect,
I think my worldview will change one step further.
If you are riding an old motorcycle,
I think I'm quite careless about the above equipment, so I think it would be better to match it for each event.
If you have any reservations regarding installation, please do so.
Speaking of luxuries, I think the world would be a better place if you also had a drive recorder and ETC.
During this period, I had many opportunities to ride with young riders, but I felt that their way of thinking about equipment was completely different from that of older, veteran riders. Even if middle-aged veterans don't have to ask young riders for advice,
What are you doing when you glance at it? What kind of equipment do you have? I think I want you to steal it.
It will be very helpful for young people who generally have a cowl attached.
Equipment I installed before and after this
・drive recorder
・Smartphone holder
・USB charger
・hazard lamp
・Side bag
It becomes. If I could remove it or make it invisible, I would like to do that, but I have never been able to remove it. If you don't like side bags, there are also backpacks in the backpack category. Please consider it.

Night view spot in Hiroshima – Otake City – NIHON SEISHI Factory【summary】

It's written roughly and doesn't feel very organized.
I don't think this type of spot is one that I would spontaneously go to solo all the time.
However, there is no doubt that if you know about these places, you can also tell others about them, which will broaden your motorcycle life.
There are some people who will be coming next, so I hope you will take this into consideration.
Well then! see you again
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