Comparison of bikini cowl and upper cowl

HONDA CBX and CB900F Cowl
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Comparison of bikini cowl and upper cowl

This is a continuation post on whether or not a motorcycle needs a cowl.
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Do you install a cowl on your motorcycle?

I was taking pictures side by side with the CB900F that I regularly run, so following up on the previous blog, I added a cowl.
I will write it as a column. Regarding cowl installation, bikini cowl, screen, meter visor etc.
This article assumes that it is bolt-on and relatively easy to attach and detach. Generally used for headlight stays etc.
This is the type to be installed. Many of the types that are fixed to the frame require very large-scale installation.
Attaching and detaching requires a lot of time, parts, and materials.
For those riders who want to install a cowl, we recommend a bikini cowl first.

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Bikini cowl search

Photos of bikini cowl and upper cowl

The cowl of the black CB900F is a handlebar mount bikini cowl.
The state in which the cowl is attached via the stem is a handlebar mount.
This is because the mounting method affects handling.
The advantage is that it is easy to put on and take off. Because I want to install it in the winter and run with the wind in the summer,
There are many owners who put on and take off their clothes depending on the season.
The disadvantage is that you cannot attach a large cowl, but I'm not sure if it can be called a disadvantage. Another disadvantage is that the handle is heavy, but it's not that heavy, so I can't really call it a disadvantage.
On the other hand, the CBX is frame-mounted so you don't feel the weight even when you move the handlebar from side to side. rather a handle
is in a light condition. The disadvantage is an increase in total weight. It's 5kg heavier to say the least.

Advantages and disadvantages of upper cowl

These are the advantages and disadvantages of frame mount rather than upper cowl. There are many advantages, but I will write about the disadvantages first.
・When you remove it, you will have trouble finding a place to store it. I'm really worried about where to put it after I take it off.
- Maintainability may be reduced. Of course, this increases the number of parts, but maintainability may decrease. I leave the wiring exposed to some extent, so there are no disadvantages to maintainability.
・If the cowl cracks or breaks, you will have trouble repairing it. My CBX has a cowl that is almost a one-off, so if it breaks, it will be left alone for a long time. General purpose products are better in case something breaks. One-offs are the fun part of custom motorcycles.
However, when something breaks, it is anything but romantic. There is no problem with one-off parts as long as you have spare parts, but if they break, you have to do one-off again, which increases the amount of time the car is out of service.
It's fun to work on making various things, but the problem is that I can't run for a long time.

Comparison of bikini cowl and upper cowl【summary】

CBX has a beautiful design with naked round headlights.
I didn't like the cowl specification CBX.
However, as my mileage increased, I started to think that it would be great to have a cowl attached to my motorcycle. There is a big difference between having a cowl and not having a cowl, including the feeling of running.
If you are interested, please try the bikini cowl first.
For frame mounts like mine, you need to be careful about how you install it and how strong it is.
Even if special products are available for installation, they are often expensive.
This is a simple comparison based on photos, but please use it as a reference before installing the cowl.
See you again!
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