FCR-JN clip stage number change – 2nd time today – 22/07/27

HONDA CBX-FCR-Vacuum Gauge-Synchronization FCR
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FCR-JN clip stage number change – 2nd time today – 22/07/27

Second tuning change and test run today.
I really wanted to set the number of clip stages to 1,

Changed to
I didn't feel like I could run, so I went home right away.

I returned it immediately.
Also, SJ

Changed to
The intention was that the adjustment range of PS and AS seemed to exceed the limit,
I responded by making the SJ larger.
It looked good as is, but I like it richer.
Since I changed the SJ, I redid the synchronization and checked the throttle wire tension, etc.
It went quickly, probably because it hadn't been that long since the last adjustment.
The big takeaway this time was that when I tried tuning the number of clip stages to 1, I was unable to run.
JN is not in a state where similar numbers are sold, so if you find out the number of clip stages that cannot be used,
From now on, you won't have to worry about rounding up.

CBX-FCR SJ change

When changing SJ, be careful not to tighten the jet too tightly. Dry the chamber gasket thoroughly before installing it. Be sure to synchronize. Perhaps because I use a Pingel cock, I can't place the tank on a flat surface, so I lay it on a spacer. It's an empty box of sweets... I use two 4-gauge vacuum gauges. In addition, the negative pressure outlet nipple is processed and installed as an afterthought. Negative pressure can be extracted from all cylinders.

FCR-For beginners-Throttle wire adjustment

Be sure to check the throttle wire when installing or removing the FCR.
①It depends on my personal preference, but the amount of play I do is extremely rare.
②The throttle valve is fully open when the throttle is fully opened.
③ Even if the handle is turned, the throttle wire is not affected.
In general, you can clear ① and ③ by tightening the return of the throttle wire.
Regarding ②, it is better to get into the habit of checking visually.
It's a throttle wire tyco, but you can put it anywhere you like.
Lately, I've been talking about throttle wire play, and when it's close to 0, the engine moves briskly and feels good. I haven't set it completely to 0 for safety reasons, but I'm afraid I'll set it to 0 eventually.
The throttle wire is one of the best parts of forced opening/closing racing carburetors.
Please be able to adjust the strength of play and return to your own preference. It's easy once you get used to it.
The only tools used are 10mm and 8mm spanners.

FCR-JN clip stage number change – 2nd time today – 22/07/27【summary】

It's been a long time since I started using JN. When I first started using FCR, I thought that I could just enjoy the taper angle and cut up without touching it.
Once I touched it once, I felt like I understood the logic pretty well. Nowadays, things are a little better because we have air-fuel ratio meters, but in the past, it was difficult for amateurs to set up unless they had the know-how at a custom shop or had a complete set of jets, etc.
Thank you for the advances in technology.
I think we are just one step away from getting the best tunings for summer.
[Current tunings]
AS-1.30 minutes back
PS2. Go back 15 minutes
Ignition timing is +1
Acceleration pump diaphragm is KLX250
Discharge timing is 10mm
This is the situation.
I will adjust the screws while doing a test run.

My current CBX tunings seem to be richer than BITO's initial tunings,
Considering the differences in the number of clip stages and ignition timing, it would be strange if they were not misaligned.
I think this is fine.
Tomorrow I will check the startability when cold and finally decide on the screw.
Reapply oil to the ram air and clean it.
I was able to sweat a lot today and had a lot of fun.
We hope everyone enjoys a fun FCR life.
See you again!
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