My CBX.Normal style is the theme.

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My CBX.Normal style is the theme.

This is a vehicle that I have been steadily repairing for 21 years. I don't do much customization.
Replace consumables and parts that are severely deteriorated even though they are still running.
It can run, turn, and stop, and equipment has been added to the extent that it won't cause trouble to people even if you suddenly go on a tour.
 1979 model CB1, model year code CBX-Z. The good thing about it compared to other model years is that the cam is a bit high cam. The wheels are front facing Comstar, making it easy to attach opposing aftermarket calipers such as Brembo. The bad points are that the front fork is 35 mm, the number of parts in the swing arm is small (I don't know if any countermeasures have been taken), the clutch is noisy (it seems easy to fix), and there is no accessory compartment in the rear cowl.

CBX photo gallery

We have roughly arranged neat photos and photos that make it easy to understand the repaired parts.
Basically it is stock and no major modifications have been made that would upset the balance of the car body.
The suspension has become longer with the addition of the CB1100F, so the rear has also been extended to make it longer.

Around the front

CB1100F-Around the front

I wanted to change from 35 pie to 39 pie. I also want to raise the car height. Third-party parts can also be bolted on. The inner fork has been re-plated. I didn't use any color options and just kept it in silver.

Brembo CNC 40mm axial hard anodized titanium piston

I took the opportunity to buy something of a higher grade than I could afford. It seems like there are monoblocks available, but I don't really know where to buy them. In addition to the piston, the bleeder bolt and joint parts are also made of titanium or stainless steel. I wish these places would sell their products without any weird grading. Honestly, I would be grateful if you could sell me only one part that I am confident in.

Sunstar floating brake disc

Installed using Sunstar's floating rotor or SWAGE-LINEMGW Metal Gear Works brake support.

front axle shaft

Js axle shaft can also be used. There are two sizes, one for 35 and one for 39, but I use the axle shaft for 39.
The meter gear uses CBX. The wheels are equipped with Comstar.

Around the rear

Suspension with Ohlins coilovers. If I have a chance, I would like to paint the spring black.
Paint as many solid plastic parts as possible.
The rear brake is a Brembo CNC 84mm. Uses MGW support.
Since the center stand cannot be used with the floating mount kit, a stay is added to the bottom of the swing arm so that it can be rigid mounted.


I purchased the complete BITO kit a long time ago.
The throttle wire is two-pronged. The FCR is designed to be equipped with two triple units.
Currently, I don't feel it has any superiority compared to the 6-wire specification.There are two throttle wires, so the maintainability is low.
I think it has gone down considerably.
The funnel is 50mm and has ram air specifications.
The pitch of the carb is so tight that the ram air cannot be installed without cutting the side of the funnel. The power filter specification is also good, but considering the ease of maintenance, I think it would be best to use the ram air specification. If it's a normal carb, I think the power filter spec is definitely better in looks and maintainability. When CBX is converted to FCR, the vacuum gauge cannot be used unlike the CB-F series. A negative pressure outlet nipple is added to the intake manifold so that negative pressure can be measured with a vacuum gauge.

My CBX.Normal style is the theme.【summary】

There is no end to it when I write it down, so I will write it in several parts. It is better to share some information
I will be posting regularly on my own because I believe it will be useful to the world.
Part of the reason I'm starting this is because I want to be able to keep a record of FCR's history.
I'm planning on posting more photos.
By the way, we are not a motorcycle shop, and my main job usually involves working with computers.
Lately, I have come to strongly feel that FCR is an item that anyone can touch if they have the will to touch it.
Well then! See you again!
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