Three advantages of converting CBX to FCR

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Three advantages of converting CBX to FCR

This time, entitled 3 benefits of converting CBX to FCR, I will introduce the three benefits you can get by converting CBX to my favorite FCR33 pie.
The description is based on the assumption that the carburetors that can be installed on the CBX are normal, FCR, and CRS carburetors.
I will write about it in a column, but I will also introduce the disadvantages.
There are no disadvantages caused by converting to FCR. Basically there are only good things.
Even if you are not a CBX rider, if you are thinking about installing an FCR or other racing carburetor, this should be a useful reference.

Advantages of FCR replacement① – Stable supply of parts

This is a big point.
In any case, when it comes to running, it almost never happens that you can't run because there are no parts.
Also, it is safe to assume that the supply of parts will not run out.
The reason is that other motorcycles also use FCR.
If you want to write more, you can directly use the parts from the motorcycle with the FC installed.
Manufacturers keep a variety of carburetors in stock, and you can get a variety of aftermarket products, so there is almost no problem with a stock carburetor. However, being able to get parts [immediately] and [reliably] is very important and allows you to ride your motorcycle with peace of mind.

Benefits of FCR replacement②-Power up

I hear that changing from a stock carburetor to an FCR increases horsepower, but I haven't measured it and compared it, so the exact numbers are unclear. However, considering that the carburetor type has changed from a negative pressure type to a forced opening/closing type, the horsepower should have increased. It is said that the negative pressure type has a narrower adjustment range, giving it a very mild feel, while the FCR forced opening/closing type requires tuning but produces more power.
Even the stock carburetor produces enough power and there are no drawbacks.
Power up is a matter of improving the efficiency of the carburetor or changing the mechanism, so it's more of a nuance of bringing out performance rather than an increase in power. As long as the filter is properly equipped, the disadvantages of inhaling dust will be reduced.

FCR replacement advantage ③-Improved tuning and maintenance efficiency

Since it is a racing carburetor, it is easier to touch.
This may not be an advantage for people who don't touch it themselves, but one of the great things about FCR is that you can easily touch the carburetor yourself. In other words, racing carburetors are designed to allow adjustments and OH to be performed in as short a time as possible. If you have never touched it yourself, it may be better to drive with the stock carburetor OH. If you consider things relatively in terms of cost and performance, you will get better results if you use the FCR purchase cost to outsource maintenance costs.

Summary of benefits, CBX-specific FCR replacement benefits

Maintainability will be dramatically improved. Ease of maintenance could be improved by removing the air cleaner and replacing it with a power filter.
At the same time, the supply of parts is stable, so you don't have to worry about the carburetor you don't have. Regarding the tunings, it may be better to use a stock carburetor because it is easier to stabilize, but since the FCR is installed, you have no choice but to do your best to determine the tunings properly. It should have more power than normal. I feel like it doesn't detract from CBX in terms of design.

Disadvantages of replacing the carburetor

If I had to say anything about the disadvantages,
①Change from negative pressure type to forced opening/closing type
The carburetor system has changed slightly, making throttle work a little more severe. It's not something to worry about once you get used to it.
② Appearance changes
Since the carburetor is replaced, the appearance of the motorcycle will change slightly. Since this is an old motorcycle, there may be some people who cannot accept the change in appearance.
The standard carburetor of the CBX looks cool, so this may be considered a disadvantage, but since it is a motorcycle, it is also a theme of sports motorcycles to change to parts with better performance and run faster. I don't care about looks.
③It costs money
Of course, it costs money. By the way, a carburetor that is operated regularly will not be damaged by a little bit.
Overflow can be fixed by revising the area around the float valve, and deterioration of the gaskets can also be fixed by replacing them.
A stock carburetor can be used for a long time if it is simply overhauled and maintained. Replacing a carburetor on an FCR does not mean replacing it because it is no longer working, but in most cases, the owner chooses and installs it based on their preference and will.

Summary of disadvantages of FCR replacement

If you don't like changes or don't like touching yourself, wearing an FCR can be very stressful. To be honest, even though I think the FCR tuning is fun, there are many times when I wish I could go back to the normal carburetor and ride the CBX. I think the only downside is that it can be expensive for people who don't have a lot of budget.

What do CRS carburetors and TMR carburetors look like?

Currently, if you try racing carburetors in Japan, there are three types: FCR, CRS, and TMR. Kits exist for CRS and FCR, but TMR requires custom installation and is extremely expensive. Parts are supplied for all carburetors, and there are also aftermarket parts, so there is no doubt that you will have fun playing with them. In my opinion, the pinnacle of racing carburetors is TMR. The reason is that it is the last carburetor, so it has overcome the weaknesses of FCR. It's hard to say anything about CRS, but if you like it or have assets such as tuning parts from other motorcycles, it's a good idea. I've heard people say they like the classic design, but if that's the case, you can leave it with the stock carburetor. It became popular about 20 years ago because it was cheaper to purchase than FCR. It seems that CRS may be required due to race regulations.
Trends come and go, so in another 10 years, it may become popular to convert old motorcycles to injection molded motorcycles.
Electrification of engines may also become popular.
The reason I chose FCR over TMR was because I had a strong impression that FCR was easier to use because I had read in magazines and on the internet that TMR was difficult to set and difficult to find. In the end, the FCR wasn't a carburetor that would go bad even if the tunings were removed, so I feel like it's hard to understand the tunings.
It's easier to tell whether a carburetor is good or bad, so it might be easier to understand the tunings, but I've never touched it, but I have a lot of fantasies.
By the way, the weaknesses of FCR are said to be body wear and acceleration pump adjustment. It seems that there are about two types of aftermarket aftermarket parts available for countermeasures. It is not as good as TMR when it comes to adjusting the accelerator pump.
As for FCR, it is the most shipped racing carburetor on earth.
It should have greater advantages than the other two types in terms of parts supply, information, after-sales parts, etc.
I have compared FCR and CRS carburetors to CBX, and I still haven't been able to find any benefits of installing CRS other than race regulations, so when I meet a motorcycle owner with a CRS carburetor installed at a roadside station, I can ask. If the atmosphere is like that, I will listen and keep my antenna up. I also hope that a TMR installation kit for CBX will be sold.
*As demand increases, information will also increase, and specialized repair parts will be easier to obtain.

Three advantages of converting CBX to FCR【summary】

For CBX, converting to FCR has only advantages for me.
Of course, now I am able to interact with FCR as I like to some extent,
Another thing is that I have all the tools. I already know everything that needs to be done, such as synchronization, two-pronged throttle wires, and throttle tension. Of course, there may be something missing. Carburetors are a category that has a low hurdle for individuals to handle on motorcycles. Riders who are planning to use FCR should do so without any hesitation. Also, if you have a choice between FCR and TMR, we recommend purchasing TMR.
I'm sure everyone will be busy with the tunings.
Please enjoy your FCR life.

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