Test drive the CBX and head to the rental garage

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Test drive the CBX and head to the rental garage

The rainy season had ended and it was easy to ride, and I had to tune the FCR frequently.
I hadn't returned it to the rental garage.
The day before I ride the CBX, I pull it out of the rental garage, leave it at home, and ride it the next day. The reason is that there is a limited time when you can take things in and out of the rental garage.
Even though we call it a rental garage, we are actually renting out part of a motorcycle shop.
I took it for a test drive, gave it a little bit of cleaning, and then returned it to the rental garage.
This post doesn't have much content, but I'll post some photos in moderation.
Lately, I haven't been doing much flashy things, so I'm running out of ideas...

Advantages of rental garage

Although it requires a space with dedicated equipment, it is very good from a security perspective.
Rental garages are operated commercially.
It also includes insurance.
You can rest assured even if you have a problem.
*There are also rental garages where you are completely responsible. Please be careful and check the contract details.
The advantage of being indoors is that it protects you from rain and UV rays.
Outdoors, even if you have a motorcycle cover on when it rains, there will be bounce back from the ground. If it is a complete warehouse etc.
You can rest assured that the rain will be completely blocked out. Ultraviolet rays are hard to notice next to you,
This is a factor that promotes deterioration over time. This is especially sad if the plastic or paint becomes powdery.
Some motorcycle shops also have rental garages.
If you run a rental garage at a motorcycle shop, users have the added benefit of being able to easily consult with you about maintenance and other issues. From a motorcycle shop's perspective, it's a win-win since they can immediately request maintenance.
In any case, it is up to the owner to decide what kind of rental garage to use by weighing the cost and performance.

Impressions from a test run after FCR tuning

The engine runs in a way that makes me feel very satisfied overall.
I find something that interests me and touch it until I like it.
Every time, we tune to the best tuning of the day.
The reason I'm always tuning is because there are various things I want to try.
This is because the tuning parts have been drastically changed.
If you stop in moderation, you will always be in perfect condition or close to it.
What caught my attention this time was the range of influence of the PS pilot screw.
It starts well when cold and has stable idling, but
I can't help but feel like I'm opening up PS itself too much,
Next time I will try starting the cold time from the point where the PS is tightened.

What I noticed about CBX maintenance

Also includes descriptions of FCR.
The throttle gap should have been smaller than it is now.
FCR is a forced open/close carburetor.
The throttle and throttle valve are linked.
It is characterized by the fact that the carburetor responds hypersensitively to throttle operation.
I am thinking that it would be better to keep the throttle gap as small as possible within a safe range.
The amount of brake pads was still sufficient.
I should have removed the brake pads and cleaned them once in a while.

Test drive the CBX and head to the rental garage【summary】

My CBX has very weak security and anti-rust protection.
Rental garages solve this problem because they are stored indoors.
Japan has severe temperature differences. It is best to store it indoors if possible.
In the past, I met someone on social media who claimed to love motorcycles.
I saw that a brand new ninja650 had become noticeably rusty after half a year.
The person had left the motorcycle outside without covering it.
Even if it's new, it's not very durable against rain.
Please be careful of accidents and machine troubles.
See you again!

CBX Photo Gallery

A CBX400F Integra cowl is installed on the CBX.
I'll try to write down the changes from time to time.
Engine OH, Wiseco 65.0mm, port processing, brake replaced with Brembo CNC, MGW support, FCR33, AS Uotani SP2, Continental Classic Attack, Ohlins rear suspension, Dangani muffler front fork CB1100F, exterior repaint, frame repaint, SWEDE-LINE Hose, Pingel, Yoshimura Temperature Meter, Multi-Reflector Headlight, Rising 2LED, ETC, Smartphone Holder, Drive Recorder, USB, Head Cover Plating, Handle Plating, Center Stand and Side Stand Extension, PLX Air Fuel Ratio Meter Installation, Ram Air Filter, MOTUL300V15w-50, engine guard.
is the item for the parts that have been roughly changed. For those who will be riding a CBX from now on, I think the part I think is essential among the above is the AS Uotani SP2.
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