3 things I liked about CBX with cowl specification

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3 things I liked about CBX with cowl specification

I really value the time I get to interact with and ride motorcycles.
I feel like it was a good day in that sense.
I took various photos.
In Japan, many naked motorcycles are now equipped with bikini cowls.
The current car lineup also includes many racer replica-style full cowl models.
I write about the wonders of naked style and how cool the design is in my blog posts.
This time, I will write a column about things that make me happy about wearing a cowl.
I wrote about how I installed it in a previous blog post.
I'm sure there are many riders who would like to wear a cowl.
please refer.

Good things about adding a cowl to a naked motorcycle

① Less affected by driving wind
② Looks style has changed
③ Improved maintainability
I received three benefits. ① is a noteworthy effect.
②③ are small things.
A motorcycle is a vehicle to enjoy riding.
Regarding ①, it is very important.

① Less affected by driving wind

There is a dramatic difference when driving at speeds over 120km/h.
I've always ridden naked style motorcycles.
I feel so much benefit from the cowl that I hate riding a motorcycle without a cowl.
Easier riding means overall faster riding, so installing a cowl is highly recommended for those who want to ride at high speed. In particular, even if you don't have a full cowl, just a meter visor bikini cowl or an upper cowl, there will be a noticeable change for the rider.
When it comes to a full cowl, various effects such as engine protection and aerodynamics are added.
Just making the rider's upper body less susceptible to the wind makes a big difference.

② Looks style has changed

There are various types of cowls. Motorcycles aren't all about looks.
It's hard to say that it's a naked style or a perfect cafe style.
However, the atmosphere has changed somewhat.
Adding a frame-mounted cowl to the round headlights creates a cafe-style look. Just adding a cowl changes the atmosphere quite a bit.
In the case of my CBX, it has been extensively customized.
The change in appearance is also big.
For me, it's very fun to see the look of a motorcycle I've been riding for many years change.
Even if you attach a handlebar-mounted bikini cowl, the image will change completely.
If you do not want to change the appearance, please install a screen such as a meter visor.
Strength is important when installing the cowl.
If the cowl is not strong enough, it will break at high speeds.

③ Improved maintainability

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.
At least if you add a frame-mounted cowl as an afterthought, maintainability will improve or change from what it used to be.
There are parts where waterproofing and security are sacrificed. The front area can be easily attached and detached. As for workability, it does not get stuck behind the headlight like the naked style.
Maintenance becomes easier.
Rather than improving work efficiency, there is a change in the way work is done.
Motorcycles with bikini cowl specifications do not have any particular change in workability, but the effort to remove the cowl has definitely increased.
In the case of my CBX, the wiring is loose and workability is improved.
I rarely disassemble the front.
Even if workability has improved, it is hard to say that it is a major benefit.
Instruments can be moved to the back of the cowl and the range of installation has expanded.

Honda’s cowl has an interesting design

CBX is a Honda motorcycle.
Honda has some innovative technologies that disappear after just one generation.
Comstar wheels did not disappear after just one generation, but they may have been Honda's own technology.
In that sense, Honda's motorcycle cowls have many interesting designs. Other manufacturers don't have interesting designs either. Honda has many cowls with particularly interesting designs.
The CBX400F cowl installed on my CBX has an interesting design that looks like a unique evolution of Ducati's rocket cowl.
I thought it would be nice to have a smaller cowl with the later model design of the CBX.
Katana and GPZ900R have great designs.
However, Honda's cowls may have a design that lacks a sense of unity.
I feel that the CB1100F has an interesting cowl design, with the sudden addition of a smaller cowl similar to that of an off-road motorcycle.
There may also have been legal regulations based on region or age. The cowls of late model CBX and CB750F Integra are quite huge.
It is a heavyweight cowl with pockets etc.
It doesn't seem like it's good at sports driving.
Regarding the CBX400F, the cowl offset is too forward in the normal installation.
And it's too high.

3 things I liked about CBX with cowl specification【summary】

The best thing about installing the cowl is the change in driving.
I have written that there are three things, but the change in driving is the most important and main thing.
It's fun to chat with riders who like cowls.
It's a lot of fun to attach things to your motorcycle. It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad taste.
A motorcycle is a vehicle whose purpose is to be ridden easily. Adding a cowl for running is a wonderful customization.
I believe that driving performance is important for a motorcycle.
CBX is an old motorcycle. This is a classic motorcycle, so it may not be a good choice for those who love the original look.
There's no point in riding a motorcycle if you can't ride it to some extent.
The most important thing for me was improving driving performance.
I hope you all have a fun custom life.
See you again!

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Attaching a cowl to a naked-style motorcycle was a little time-consuming, but it was a fun customization.
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