Do not set FCR – strictly prohibited before touring.

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Do not set FCR – strictly prohibited before touring.

Today we are planning to run towards Okayama Prefecture.
I'm heading to Kasaoka Bay Farm in Okayama Prefecture.
It is not run for the purpose of FCR tuning.
Today I will run without doing anything.
The reason is that I don't want to cause any mechanical trouble when I go out.
The weight of troubleshooting is completely different when you drive with the expectation that trouble will occur in your local area, and when you go far and cause trouble. Basically, replacing something, whether it's changing a tire or doing any other work, means
Even temporarily, you will go from being able to run well to not being able to run.
Maintenance is about changing your body from a state where you can't run to a state where you can run better than before, or a state where your endurance is higher than before. If you perform maintenance without including a test run, there may be unexpected pitfalls.
This time I wanted to change SJ and head from Hiroshima Prefecture to Okayama Prefecture.
Hold back and keep it at a level where you can touch the AS with high-speed SA, etc.

SJ is a jet change with high risk of trouble

SJ removed the carburetor from the motorcycle, turned it over and removed the chamber gasket.
It involves a considerable amount of work. I also feel a little reluctant to exchange it on the go, such as at a roadside station.
There is also the risk of overflow or gasoline leaking from the chamber packing.
Once you get used to it, it won't be impossible to drive, but even if you get used to it, it will take some time to recover.
This time I wanted to replace the SJ and adjust the AS, but there was a non-zero possibility that it would cause trouble, so I held back. It is an item that takes a little time to restore if something is not working properly.
When installing and removing the carb, there are additional tasks such as re-synchronizing and checking the tension of the throttle wire, so large-scale tunings should be avoided for long-distance touring.

For FCR beginners – be sure to bring spare parts

We recommend that you keep JN clips, 10 and 8 spanner AS adjustment screwdrivers, etc. compactly packed in your vehicle at all times. The reason is that even if you touch JN's clip and AS when stopped, there is almost no problem with driving. Rather, you only need to be careful about losing clips and bolts and nuts.
You can also try adjusting the throttle wire tension with spanners 10 and 8.
The pace of driving will be different between situations where you are only doing your own test runs and situations such as mass touring. When you notice these small differences, you can make small adjustments to the AS and throttle wire that don't take much time, and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your touring.
The important thing is not to waste time or make it impossible to drive.

FCR tunings that you can touch on the go

It doesn't matter where you touch the AS air screw and PS pilot screw.
In fact, it's better to touch it as soon as you feel like it.
Of course, please be sure to check the original tunings before making any fine adjustments.
There is no problem with replacing the JN jet needle clip or JN itself on the go.
It's a time-consuming process, so it's best to do it in moderation.
Please have a spare clip ready.
You can also replace the MJ main jet on the go while doing a test run.
Depending on the motorcycle, this may involve attaching and detaching the carburetor, or removing the chamber drain bolt, so gasoline is sure to spill. If your motorcycle can handle gasoline well, there is no problem in changing it on the go, but please carry spares such as O-rings.

Do not set FCR – strictly prohibited before touring.【summary】

Last time, I was trying to ride my motorcycle from dusk to night and had a problem where the headlights wouldn't turn on. It wasn't a big problem, but since I was away and didn't have the tools or space to work, I couldn't easily fix it. In addition, it's good to be motivated and check the JN's clip speed the day before, but there are some things that you won't know unless you test drive for a long time, such as a certain throttle opening not working properly.
This time I will hold back and enjoy long-distance solo touring by myself.
I drive with the intention of retuning home without an accident.
Everyone, please be sure to perform maintenance before touring to the extent that it does not cause unnecessary trouble.
See you again!

*There is a photo at the bottom.


I tried to put it on and take it off today, but I held back and ended up just taking a photo.
All you have to do is check the air pressure in your tires when pouring gasoline.
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