FCR – The fuel line should be angled so that fuel can flow easily.

HONDA CBX1000-Fuel Filter Maintenance
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FCR – The fuel line should be angled so that fuel can flow easily.

The other day, there was a suspicious case, so I would like to post a blog post.
The story is that it seems like the angle of the fuel hose was wrong.
I noticed it right away and solved it easily.
Although the path is short, air may get trapped while the fuel is being sent from the gas tank to the carburetor. It's not just the angle of the fuel line, but also the nature of the filter that makes it difficult for fuel to flow.
This is limited to CBX1000.
The early model fuel cock is a genuine product and there is no problem.
There is absolutely no reason to say that it is better to change to Pingel or the like because the flow rate will increase.
It's just a dress up.
Regarding filters, I feel that filter paper filters tend to obstruct the flow rate.
As for the fuel line, there is no problem if you arrange it so that it is at an angle as much as possible.
Is it the moment when the carburetor is installed or removed that air becomes trapped and gasoline becomes difficult to flow?
That's when I started to feel like I was running out of gas.
When performing synchronization work, more fuel is consumed than expected.
Gasoline in the sub-fuel tank also runs out relatively quickly.
The other day, when I replaced the FCR's slow jet, the angle of the fuel line turned out to be a little horizontal. I'm not sure if that's the cause, but even though the fuel tank is full,
I started to feel like I was running out of gas.
This time I will write about the fuel line.
Simply put, all you need to do is angle the fuel line from horizontal.
Sometimes it's easier to notice when you see it in writing.
I will briefly write down the symptoms of a lack of gas in the fuel line.

Comparison of flow rate between Pingel cock and genuine cock

As I have posted in past articles, this is a comparison video of flow rates.
A genuine cock is also sufficient. In fact, if this flow is not enough, the fuel consumption will be a little too bad.
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PINGEL cock flow comparison PINGEL1/4
Comparison of Pingel cock and genuine cock

fuel filter

HONDA CBX1000-Fuel Filter
HONDA CBX1000-Fuel Filter
By installing a fuel filter, you can check whether fuel is leaking.
There is no problem if the filter is about 2/3 full of gasoline.
If you can visually check the filter and see that the gasoline is empty, there may be a problem such as the fuel not flowing or the engine not drawing the fuel.
If you shake the fuel filter a little, the gasoline may flow all at once.

Is fuel flowing to the fuel line?

As I mentioned earlier, shaking the filter may increase or decrease the amount of fuel.
At that time, fuel is stuck in the fuel line.
Once fuel starts flowing, it will continue to flow uninterrupted unless you leave it for an extremely long time, run out of gas, or repeatedly attach and detach the carburetor. Even if you don't really notice it, the gasoline is flowing freely, so
Air is difficult to chew, but on rare occasions, air can be chewed in a big way.
Motorcycles equipped with racing carburetors such as FCRs tend to be equipped with fuel filters.
You should be able to check it visually.
"that? Something is wrong...''
If you feel that way, please check the fuel filter to see if gasoline is flowing.

For FCR beginners – Thinking about attaching and detaching the fuel line

If you are about to start tuning your FCR, please find a way to install and remove the fuel line smoothly.
I use a quick fuel joint. I also keep a spare O-ring for the quick fuel joint on my motorcycle. The weak point of the quick fuel joint is fuel leakage from the O-ring.
Please note that the inner diameter is 6mm or 8mm.

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quick fuel joint

At least if you constantly plug and unplug the hose from the fuel tank,
Metal fatigue accumulates at the base of the tank, so
It would be better to come up with some good ideas and respond in other ways.
It saves time and is also kind to the motorcycle.

FCR – The fuel line should be angled so that fuel can flow easily.【summary】

If you are aware of the trends in trouble, there are many cases that can be resolved without much trouble.
Below are the points that I think are the cause of the gas shortage.
・During idling
・Filter paper filter
・Fuel line angle
I've been having trouble around this area, so if you're concerned about it, check it out and it's often resolved easily.
If you mention other items such as overflow, there is no end to it, so if you check the above first, you may be able to identify the cause faster.
Most problems are inconveniences caused by changing something.
Especially for FCR tuning, remove the moving carburetor once.
Let's disassemble it further and make it work again.
It is not surprising that some problems may occur during this process.
The more times this occurs, the more likely the problem will occur.
If you are doing private DIY, the chances of trouble occurring are even higher.
If you are an owner who is having trouble installing and removing the carburetor during FCR tuning, if you feel that something is not right,
Please check the fuel line first. It may be resolved easily.
Well then! See you again!

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