PINGEL cock flow comparison PINGEL1/4

HONDA CBX - Frontline Maintenance
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PINGEL cock flow comparison PINGEL1/4

I have found photos from the maintenance on 2022/01/14, so I will post them.

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Added Pingelcock - read properly and you'll be happy.
Addition of pingelcock - read properly and you will be happy. 1/4 of a Pingel is 13.5mm. Please select a 1/4 size Pingel cock to use on the CBX1000 without modification. Since it is a forced opening/closing type with a normal cock, there is no need to force replacement. However, it's cool.
写真などは全開のブログを参考にしてください。 否定的な記載や考え方が違うという事もあるかもしれませんけど、 今回はYoutubeでのエビデンス付きです。 今回はピンゲルの流量比較と銘打っていますけど、投稿の後半あたりに出てきますので、 ざっくりと読み進めてくださいませ。

At the rental pit

Photos and videos of me working in the rental pit have come out, so
We are posting them. First, let's talk about the work.
・Replacement of tank
・Check ignition timing
・Replacement of FCR jets
There are three points.
Did you match the ignition timing when you replaced the clutch plate before?
I was nervous, but I didn't have to, so I rented a pit,
As soon as I confirmed it. The reason for this is that in the event of an oil leak or if the motorcycle becomes immobile, it is easier to deal with it if it is stored at a motorcycle shop. I often rent pits at motorcycle shops.
I only do light work that anyone can do.
If the difficulty level is high, please consult with the motorcycle shop staff and request them to perform the work.

Checking and adjusting ignition timing

There are T and F marks on the right crankcase. The correct ignition timing is when the line on the F mark side is aligned with the crankcase seam. The governor is supposed to hit the fire three times, so somewhere,
It should fit. I got it right in one shot just like in the photo, so I'm not particularly concerned about it.
The ignition should be in the order of 16, 25, and 34.
It is OK if you can set it so that the F mark and the protruding part of the governor are in the same position.
*I apologize for not being clear as this is a part I did not install myself.
I think F is for fire and T is for top.
HONDA CBX - Crankshaft end
HONDA CBX – Crankshaft end
HONDA CBX - Points
HONDA CBX – Points
HONDA CBX - FCR back side
HONDA CBX – FCR back side
Work such as FCR or oil that contaminates the area or makes noise should not be brought to the rental pit. It costs a lot of money, so I have to consider how to use it...

CBX after rental pit work

This is a photo after maintenance. I've only taken it apart a little, but it's always fun to put it together.

Comparison of Pingelcock flow rates

Pingelcock specs.
I am using PINGEL4000-1/4. I don't know the model name, but I use a type with a reserve using an adapter. In rare cases, there are online shopping sites that have incorrect descriptions of the adapter or the actual size, so please be careful when purchasing.

As a comparison target
This is a genuine CBX fuel cock. This is a forced open/close type fuel cock.

It’s posted on YouTube.

For some reason, Pingelcock's momentum is stronger.
By the way, the stock fuel cock also drips with a lot of force, so
It's hard to understand what it means to run out of fuel.
By the way, when a filter was installed between the carb and the fuel cock, there was a problem where the filter became a resistance and the gasoline could not flow as fast as it could.
There may be pressure related factors, and there may also be the suction power of the carb.
It's hard to say in general, but I think the video shows how much gasoline is being produced. If I were to use fuel at this pace, I don't think I would be able to run for more than an hour.

PINGEL cock flow comparison PINGEL1/4【summary】

I haven't completely verified it, but if you install a Pingel cock, the fuel won't catch up!
If you think that this phenomenon will be resolved, it is better to check the fuel hose or filter for clogging or resistance. I had a filter paper filter that stopped me from being able to supply fuel during idling.
I am currently replacing it with a mesh filter. Pressure is also involved, so
It's hard to say things easily, but I don't often see concrete comparisons, so I think it's helpful.
For me, the advantage of introducing Pingel is that there is an overhaul kit. It's shiny.
The disadvantage is that when the tank is removed, the fuel cock gets in the way and makes it difficult to place the tank.
To be honest, the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages, and if you buy a Pingel cock, the price will be almost the same as buying two genuine CBX fuel cocks. I think it would be better to replace it with a new one instead of overhauling it. However, since it is not a part that has a functional disadvantage when installed,
If you think it won't spoil the atmosphere, we can recommend introducing it.
Personally, I think it is best to modify the tank so that it can accommodate 3/8 size. The reason for this is that there is a wide range of products available, and you can also use products from other brands, expanding the range of things you can enjoy. I have one more stock tank, so if I have to take the tank out next time, I would like to consider modifying it and installing a 3/8 fuel cock.
Well then! See you again!
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