FCR tuning-Jet needle replacement-Up change-22/11/08

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FCR tuning-Jet needle replacement-Up change-22/11/08

It was getting a little rich with low throttle opening.
The jet needle was changed for improvement.
I felt like it would be a good idea to respond with a slow jet.
Changing slow jets is expensive.
Change jet needle.
Current jet needles have a special thread count that sharpens up.

I haven't tried it, so I don't know, but it should probably be the same.
I'll check it out when I have some free time.
The reason I was using a jet needle with a different cutting edge was because I felt like there weren't enough clip stages. By changing the jet needle in various ways,
The jet needle is 90FXM, but it seems better to lower the number of clip stages in winter.
I've changed it a few times, so I'll post it on my blog.

Jet needle change


We will change the jet needle based on the above.
What I want to do is change the straight diameter to a lean direction.
Then check the driving feeling.
There are only a few types of jet needles that I keep.
Speaking of just the number of cylinders, it has 6 cylinders, so it has quite a large number.

I didn't feel like I could ride it.
In terms of 90FXM, it is like tuning the number of clip stages to 1.
If you want to use 90FTR#1, looking at past logs, it seems like Slow Jet 55 can be used properly.
Either that or use 90FTR#2. I don't want to change the number of clip stages, so I'll try a different number.

I made the changes I wanted. It seems like it would be a good idea to go one step leaner,
I don't have a 90FTP jet needle, only a 90FTQ.
You can try it, but it's a count that I've used in the past, so
I will proceed with 90FTN#1 and try to deal with it by adjusting the screw.
I think making the air screw a little rich and adjusting the pilot screw to lean will give you just the right feel.

For beginners of FCR – Changing the number of clip stages of the jet needle is a different matter

I don't care if the number of clip stages on the jet needle is lean or rich.
We believe that changing the number of clip stages will change the driving feeling.
It's an influence range that is often used on the street, so it's easy to understand the changes.
The change in straight diameter by one step is barely noticeable. It's pretty obvious if you change it in two steps.
You can tell by the extent that if you don't change the screw, there will be problems with driving.
Of course, if you change the number of clip stages, the change will be better if you adjust the air screw.
The above assumes that the car has been tuned to the point where it can run properly.
For beginners, just changing the clips is sufficient.
The riding feeling will be like a different motorcycle.
It is recommended because it requires few tools.
If you don't like it, you can easily change it back.

FCR tuning-Jet needle replacement-Up change-22/11/08【summary】

I have started to pay attention to the details of FCR tuning.
It may be unnecessary rather than a detail.
Ideally, it would be possible to perform rough throttle operations like a negative pressure carburetor.
There may be mechanical limitations.
I'm going to be careful about the drop in rotation speed.
I don't like the sluggishness when I roughly open the throttle suddenly.
It's within the range if you control the throttle well.
If it's a small thing, you don't need to worry about it.
I'm trying out a lot of things for my own knowledge, so I'll keep trying a lot of things until I get bored.
By the time you get tired of it, you should have enough experience to at least have no trouble tuning FCR with CBX1000.
If the rounding is not sufficient after changing the jet needle,
I learned to use 90FXM.
Other options are 90FTQ and 90FTR.
It is also possible to make the straight diameter lean.
Changing the slow jet is expensive.
[G] We are also considering retuning with a taper.
The fact that I'm thinking about trying this or that is proof that I'm not tired of it yet.
I will enjoy my FCR life.
We hope you all enjoy your FCR life.
See you again!

*Work photos are added at the bottom.

CBX1000 jet needle replacement photo

As for the jet needle, we are replacing it with the feeling as our top priority, but we will list the affected area. Also, when it comes to rounding up, in terms of small size, [F] taper can only be selected from [T]. In addition to the jet needle, the article also talks about the number of clip stages, so if you are interested.
Please search for [Jet Needle] etc. from the menu.

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