Heading to Hattendo Village in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture for a test run of the FCR.

Hattendo-Parking touring
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Heading to Hattendo Village in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture for a test run of the FCR.

The other day, I replaced my MJ, so I went on a solo tour on the expressway to Hattendo Village, which also served as a test run of the FCR.

↓The official website of Hattendo Village will open↓

↓The map will open in Google Maps↓ Hattendo Village First, I will explain Hattendo Village from the perspective of a rider living in Hiroshima. There is also a shopping mall on the north side, so this area is a fun spot. There are many airports, scenic spots, and photogenic spots. There are more cars than I expected, so it may not be a good place to enjoy driving with a sense of speed. Still, I think it's an area where you can fully enjoy both the roads and the city. *Even though it is called a city, it is located a little far away.

About Hattendo Village

Although it is located overlooking Hiroshima Airport, it is rarely visited by airport users.
From a rider's point of view, it is a place that is easy to use as an intermediate point or starting point between destinations.
The vast grounds and cream bread are the main attractions, but there are also cafes, street stalls, and other food options.
If you are from outside the prefecture, there are hotels nearby and it is easy to use.
The area around Hattendo Village has a lot of spots for riders, so it's an area where you can have a lot of trouble.
It would be a bit of a waste to make this your only destination.
There are many touring spots nearby that you can visit.
It is an easy place to enjoy or take a break if you include it in your touring route.

Hattendo Village Photos

Hattendo Village is famous for its cream bread. The facility itself seems to be well maintained with cleaning etc.
The response from the staff was also good. If you have a flight passing by nearby, Sehito is a facility worth stopping by at least once.

Trouble before departure

HONDA CBX - Plug cord
HONDA CBX – Plug cord
The day before, I unplugged the car and washed the car, or rather, cleaned the head cover, so in the morning, I found that it was now 5 cylinders. The CBX is a 6-cylinder engine, so it was a bit disappointing, but since this was a problem I had encountered in the past, I was able to overcome it without any trouble.
There was an old man on the road unloading the fuel tank from his motorcycle since early morning.


I don't have any photos or videos this time.
PS-1.15 minutes
AS-0.50 minute return
This is the tuning.
It felt like the extension was a little slow, but I felt like I was able to reach the top speed fairly well.
Is it not possible to keep up with the rapid growth, or is it too rich?
Next time, lower the MJ speed little by little until it's fully open, and then get the feeling you like at full throttle.
I found it. I felt that the MJ had better acceleration up to 3/4 opening than the 118, so
Continue by touching the numbers of JN and MJ.

FCR-For Beginners

Personally, I feel that MJ affects everything from 1/4 throttle opening to full throttle opening.
As a feeling
Fully open partial changed from 118 to 128 by about 1.0.
It is easier to set it by looking at whether there is elongation during acceleration than when it is partially elongated.
It's a momentary acceleration that makes it easy to see the change.
In some cases, replacing the MJ will dramatically change the throttle opening above 1/2. I don't know if it's fully open, but I should be able to tell if it's up to about 3/4 throttle opening.
Please be careful not to cause any accidents.

Heading to Hattendo Village in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture for a test run of the FCR.【summary】

Riders tend to spend their time at roadside stations, but Hattendo Village is a facility that can also be used as a roadside station.
It's still a little-known spot for riders, so if you're heading to Fukuyama or planning a touring tour that stops in Hiroshima, you may want to include it in your course. It is difficult to set the FCR's throttle fully open on public roads, so it is best to use a expressway to check the acceleration feeling, and to check whether it is fully open, measure it with a machine such as a chassis die. Please do not look at partials running at full throttle on general roads, including expressways.
Have a nice FCR life!
See you again!
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