tuning of FCR-22/05/23-SJ

HONDA CBX-Quick Fuel Joint FCR
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tuning of FCR-22/05/23-SJ

Changed FCR's SJ slow jet.
The number has been changed from SJ-48 to SJ-55.
As intended,
P1. Fixed by tuning back 15 minutes.
The goal is to bring AS back around 1.0 to 1.30 minutes.
SJ has also included number 52, so I have to include at least number 55.
I don't expect AS to be around 1.30 minutes back, so I'm raising the count all at once.

FCR current tunings

PS1.15 minutes
AS0.50 minutes 
PS1.15 minutes
AS1.20 minutes back

Photo at the time of exchange

I don't have any photos of the work in progress this time, but I removed the float chamber when replacing the SJ.
This is the part at the bottom of the FCR where gasoline accumulates. Gasoline leaked from the gasket between the main body and the float chamber. Be careful when tuning the carb over or removing the float chamber, as these types of problems are likely to occur.
I replaced the gasket, and since it's so poor, I tore it right away to avoid reusing it.

Why did you raise the number of SJ slow jet?

It's something I learned from the internet or something I read somewhere.
Regarding FCR tunings, AS can be set to return 1.0 minutes or 1.30 minutes.
It seems that there are many cases where it becomes the best...
So I wanted to try it out, so I raised the count to the extreme.
It says that the best option is to increase the rotation speed for each cylinder, but my CBX has two stop screws, and even when I tried each cylinder individually, I couldn't get it right, so in general I'm counting it.
The return of AS is based on two points: clutch meet is not bad and there is no extreme sense of power at 1/8 opening. While not in neutral state, I started a little and looked at the feeling of power when starting on a hill.
I've adjusted it to open it as much as possible.
If the AS is opened too much, it will become sparse with no sense of power within the range of the AS.

How has it changed?

There were no major changes in the before and after tunings mentioned above.
There have been some subtle changes, but it doesn't seem to be getting better or worse.
Since it may affect the scope of JN's responsibility, JN will
I'll try changing it around and see how it goes.

For FCR beginners – AS tunings

The return of AS is that the power does not become sparse when starting. And to bring AS back to the limit. I use this when adjusting AS.
Make sure that you can take off without any problems with the accelerator opening from clutch engagement to about 1/8.
I use it as a guideline.
Therefore, when I really want to make minor adjustments, I try to restore PS.
When running the vehicle, it may not be opened even 1/4 when it is cruising, but it may be running at about 1/8, so it is better to fill it up to a certain degree to get it to your liking. Good.
as renge
as renge
ps remge
ps renge

tuning of FCR-22/05/23-SJ【summary】

Regarding this SJ replacement, if you look only at the part where the SJ was replaced, there is no problem as there is little change.
Through the overall balance, the FCR tuning is in good condition with AS staying around 1.30 minutes,
There are many things that happen.
CBX may end up in a state where it's not interesting to me.
A while ago, the combination of SJ-52 and JN-90FTS was very good.
There are also JNs that are compatible with each SJ.
The combination of SJ-52 and JN-90FTR seems to be better than SJ-52 and JN-90FTS.
The combination of SJ-48 and JN-90FTS and SJ-48 and JN-90FTR seem better.
It can also be a matter of imagination or seasonality.
However, it will be worth the experience.
You may realize that the vacuum gauge needle was incorrectly calibrated after repeating the procedure many times.
I hope everyone has a fun FCR life.
See you again!
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