Brembo – Corsa Corta installed

brembo corsa corta-Use transparent hose Maintenance
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Brembo – Corsa Corta installed

I would like to use a radial pump for the brakes. Will the brakes work better if I use a radial pump?
Brakes are determined by pads and rotors. I feel like someone said that.
It's Sorya likely. Changing the lever or pump part will not dramatically improve your handedness. The key is combination and feel.
The front brake in particular is a part that catches your eye.
It's always in touch.
There are requests such as wanting to add something cool or something that is your favorite.
Particularly if you install an aftermarket carburetor such as FCR, or if you install a high throttle, you may need to replace it if necessary.
In some cases, it may not be necessary to replace it, but
Considering the convenience of throttle opening, it is better to replace it.

Recommended brake master

I will write down my recommendations and characteristics based on my own feelings.
Rather than recommending it, I just listed the brands I know.
I wanted Shibiko-chan to use all Brembo, so the master uses Brembo instead of Gale Speed.

・Gale Speed
made in Japan. Overhauling is also possible at a low cost, and it seems like it will last a long time. The price seems to be the highest compared to what you would buy in general.
If you wear it, you will be told that you look cool at the roadside station.

・Brembo-Corsa Corta etc.
Although it is said that it can be overhauled, it seems to be quite expensive, so it seems like it will actually be disposable.
There seem to be overhaul kits on the market, so for those who do various maintenance themselves,
It may not matter.
Is it real when I see it at a roadside station wearing it? This is sometimes said.

If it's an all-in-one model, it's pretty cool. I want to use it because it's cool, but if you prefer a separate tank, pass. The anodized aluminum is also beautiful and very cool.
If you wear one, you may be told that you look cool at a roadside station.

Brembo is a brand that may or may not be a subcontractor.
There are many common items with Brembo.

It's a Brembo model made in Taiwan, but the performance seems to be excellent, and just looking at the photos it looks like it's well made. If you're not brand-oriented, this might be a good option. There are many common items with Brembo.

brembo combination

The front brake caliper and front brake master must be selected based on the combination of flow rates.
The front is a CNC brake caliper P4 30/34 40mm.
There are two calipers on the left and right.
In short, one side has 4 pots and 30mm and 34mm pistons.
The diameter of the master is 19. This combination can be installed without any problems.

A little custom

I made the hose of the separate master transparent.
I made the brake switch a pressure switch and set it at the branch part.
I'm sad because the above two items were expensive.
The brake hose was about 1,500 yen and the pressure switch was about 4,000 yen.
Smoked cups and bolts have been changed to titanium or stainless steel.
We use products from a Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturer.
Please be careful as the banjo bolt thread pitch is 1.0.

Precautions for Brembo radial pump

・It appears that there are parts that are not shared with 19RCS.
・It would be very effective if the three-dimensional sticker with the Italian flag pattern and the rubber cap for adjusting the ratio were removed. Mr. Koken is currently selling it at a low price, but either way, if you lose it, you'll have to order it.
please note.
- The thread pitch of the banjo bolt should be 1.0, so be sure to check.
・When using a transparent hose, it seems to melt unless you use something compatible with the brake hood.
・The hose diameter of the reservoir tank is 6mm.
-Koken does not seem to be able to overhaul parallel imported products.
- Mechanical switches are messy, so you can use a pressure switch to route the CBX hose.

Photo of Brembo radial pump on CBX

I will write a photo-based explanation.

Brembo – Corsa Corta installed【summary】

Converting a motorcycle to a Brembo is one of the customizations that people who ride old motorcycles would like to try.
A while ago, Brembo seemed to be the mainstream, but from 2022 onwards, Galespeed is increasingly being chosen in Japan.
What kind of brake calipers can be installed? Is kit available?
must be investigated for each motorcycle.
My CBX is equipped with Brembo.
Regarding the master cylinder, Gale Speed is a wonderful product that does not change its image and has good performance.
I'm someone who wants to use my car for a long time by polishing and overhauling it, so I like domestic brands that have a solid supply of parts in Japan.
I sometimes see articles that say Brembo Master is disposable.
There are people who absolutely prefer normal driving, but traffic conditions are different between the past and the present.
Of course, the performance of brakes is also different between old and modern times.
Customizing the brakes for safety, rather than changing the brakes for the sake of crashing,
This is a necessary way of thinking for older motorcycles.
There are many cool cases of motorcycles where the brake master has been replaced.
Motorcycles are cool, but it's a priority, so there's a lot of room for consideration.
If more people use the same specifications, the supply of parts will be stabilized and new products may be released.
If you own a CB-F or CBX, we would be happy if you installed Brembo products.
I put FCR in tags and categories.
When installing an aftermarket carburetor, it may be necessary to replace the brake master.
If you have any questions or parts you would like me to measure, we will respond via email.
Well then! See you again!
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