Added Pingelcock – read properly and you’ll be happy.

Pingel - attached to CBX Maintenance
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Added Pingelcock – read properly and you’ll be happy.

I found an image of Pingelcock and will post it.
If you are considering installation, please read to the end without skipping.
You won't have to make mistakes when ordering parts, and you can order them all by yourself.
Exchange is easy, but the ordering hurdles are high.
This is the name that always comes up when changing the fuel cock when an aftermarket racing carburetor such as FCR is introduced. Or rather, it's an American brand that focuses on drag racing. It's quite a long-established store.
The sizes are 1/4 and 3/8 inch.
Remember that 1/4 is smaller. By the way, if you search, the size is 6.35mm.
I don't know what size the famous retailer is talking about.
Probably not, which I can't find.
Misinformation is spreading. It is 13.5mm. Because we are actually measuring the actual item,
There is no mistake. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong about where I should be measuring.
By the way, you can currently buy the genuine CBX fuel cock from Honda.
Moreover, since it is a forced opening/closing fuel cock, it meets the conditions for use as a racing carburetor.
There is no need to force a replacement. There is no such thing as not being able to keep up with fuel. If the fuel can't keep up, you're out of gas. Possible causes include not having enough fuel, the filter acting as a resistance and not being able to catch up, or the fuel hose being routed incorrectly, preventing fuel from entering the carburetor.
Check this and it will be resolved. Replacing the fuel cock on a CBX is 90% effective for dressing up.

Japanese internet misprints

I'm writing this a second time because it's important. 1/4 of a Pingel is 13.5mm.
Please select 1/4 size Pingel cock to use without modification on CBX.
If you choose 3/8, it cannot be installed without machining. A very sad ending awaits.
If you are going to process the tank and install it, you should definitely make it 3/8.
This size has a wide range of products. You can also use gasoline cocks from other manufacturers.

Product line-up

There are 1000, 4000, and 6000, but you can definitely choose 4000 for CBX.
This number refers to the direction in which the cock should be removed. There is racing etc.
CBX is a normal type 4000 and I ordered 1/4.
This is an adapter that attaches to the fuel tank, sold by Pingel.
Thick plating unique to America. PMC in Japan sells adapters that use aluminum, so please choose the one that suits you best. I like shiny ones, so I ordered the Pingel genuine one. I had trouble ordering on a product site that said 6.35mm.
The actual size of the product I received was different in a good way.

Advantages and disadvantages of pingelcock

Behind every good thing, there is always a bad thing. It's almost perfect to be able to use the bad points as positives. CBX and Pingel cock have clear advantages and disadvantages, so I will write them down. This is a product for changing vehicles that normally have a negative pressure type cock to a forced opening/closing type.


・Overhaul will be possible. Things should be fine until Pingel goes bankrupt.
・It's shiny. This is a dress-up effect.
・Durability increases as it is made of metal. Even the genuine cock has not broken in 20 years...
・I feel like the fuel flow has improved. Since normal is a good condition, it cannot be said that it will be positive.


・Gasoline tanks cannot be placed parallel to each other. After installation, the bottom of the pingel cock will exceed the bottom of the fuel tank.
・It is difficult to fix the direction of the fuel cock arbitrarily. The genuine lock nut cannot be used as is.

Explanation with photos

About installation

As a lock nut, I use a thin M18 pitch 1.0 nut.
Also, since the main body is a tapered bolt, an oil-resistant seal is applied to the bolt part.
If you tighten it too much, the threads will become distorted and you will not be able to fix it, so be very careful.


This is a photo of it attached to the car body. If you look at the overall photo, I can't really tell what it is,
It will be a completely self-satisfying item.

Added Pingelcock – read properly and you’ll be happy.【summary】

In terms of functionality, there are only disadvantages. In fact, I've been removing the tank at least 10 times a month for the past year, so I only have to worry about it more often, so it's completely meaningless in terms of functionality, and I can only see the disadvantages.
However, I ordered it when I replaced the exterior. A genuine fuel cock costs about 11,000 yen.
The Pingel cock cost about 22,000 yen including the adapter, but it's not an item that will deteriorate or break, and I can sell it if I no longer need it, so I'm not too concerned about it. It is a product that I feel would be better to install on vehicles with Z series or the last generation of carburetors from the 1990s. I'm sure there are ways to deal with this using cook mode, such as PRE, but if you can't use the functions or there are restrictions, you can replace them. If you love genuine products, this is an item that you should not wear. When I summarized it in writing and photos like this, I thought it would be important to keep a record of what I asked people who were having trouble or consulted on SNS as a history on my blog.
Please refer to this for CBX owners who want to install a Pingel cock. In addition, please refer to it for owners of CB-F series, those who are planning to introduce Pingel cock 1/4 in the future, or those who are worried about the size.
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