FCR – Test run on the expressway – Check the condition of the main jet

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FCR – Test run on the expressway – Check the condition of the main jet

It is essential to maintain the legal speed limit on both public roads and expressways.
I went from Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture to Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture.
The purpose is Saturday night meeting.
This time it's not about a meeting called a gathering of motorcycles,
This is a story on the expressway. I will write about the meeting and my impressions in another blog post.
Nowadays, there are many cars using expressways, so we recommend ETC for motorcycles as well. The purpose is not for discounts, but for the ease of exchanging wallets and passes.
It's worth the money to install the equipment on your motorcycle.
I got a little off track, but let's get back to the main story and talk about FCR.
Rather than the tuning, I'm talking about using the expressway for a test run.
Touching the motorcycle on the expressway could cause it to fall off or become undriveable, so this is a story about using the expressway as a test drive. I don't have to use the expressway often, but it was really fun to have the opportunity to turn the throttle to full throttle for the first time in a while to see what was going on.
The main thing to check is the state of the MJ main jet when the throttle is fully open.
I was able to run while checking the situation by tuning the AS air screw in each service area.
It was very meaningful.

The current tunings are

PS-2.20 minutes
AS-2.10 minutes
Uotani ignition timing [1]
Acceleration pump diaphragm is KLX250
Discharge timing is 10mm

Check out the MJ main jet.

The speed is within the legal speed limit.
Fully open the throttle while looking at the gears like 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
CBX is a motorcycle with up to 5 speeds.
3rd and 4th gears provide peaky acceleration. When you shift to 5th gear, it won't accelerate comfortably until you get up to a certain speed, but it feels like it will gradually increase the top speed and accelerate.
Even so, keep the throttle fully open and watch the air-fuel ratio meter until it settles down.
I'll watch it until it becomes partial. Partial = An area where acceleration settles down.
It gets leaner when opened, so I think a partial size of 11 would be better.
When it comes to this area, rather than looking at specific numbers, it's more about experiencing it yourself.
It is better to decide on MJ.
If the current MJ was good, that would be one of the correct answers,
It is better to change the MJ count and compare the before and after to judge whether it is good or bad.
AB test.
If you have the experience of replacing MJ several times and know the machine's near-maximum condition, you can improve accuracy even without doing an AB test.
My CBX currently does not require any MJ changes.
However, it may be better if you change MJ from 128 to 125 or 122.
It is better not to be influenced by the values on the air-fuel ratio meter when making tunings.
When changing the jet size, do you want to change it to a leaner or thicker one?
This point can be taken as a guideline.
If the condition is such that you can immediately tell whether it's thick or thin just by riding it, the motorcycle is in poor condition.
In situations that may be improved by replacing the jet,
It is difficult to know which way to jet the jet, rich or lean.
Also, in that state, there is a high possibility that the current situation is correct.
MJ is the jet that dominates when the throttle is fully open, but by changing MJ,
The speed at around 1/2 throttle opening also changes considerably. I'm not a circuit user, so
Rather than chasing the highest speed, I want to enjoy the feeling of acceleration and acceleration on mountain roads on ordinary roads, so I choose a richer MJ for myself. Generally speaking, I feel that it is better to use MJ with a larger count for better blow-up. Of course, it has something to do with the JN jet needle, but if you simply change only the MJ with the current tunings and compare, increasing the MJ will often give you a better sense of acceleration.
In any case, instead of changing JN and MJ at the same time, it's a matter of changing one and seeing how it goes, then replacing something else and seeing how it goes.

At the expressway service area

There is a space for two-wheelers, but it's not a crowded place, so I parked in the corner of the lot and touched the AS. It's obviously a nuisance when working in the space reserved for two wheels, so I park it in a corner, quickly touch the screws, and get going. Even if you park in a corner, check the TPO on the day of the week and how crowded it is, and if it seems impossible, it's better to leave quickly.
*This is a space where there is no one around. I shoot in a place where I don't get in the way of traffic.

FCR – Test run on the expressway – Check the condition of the main jet【summary】

The expressway is a very enjoyable spot if you just take a test drive. This may be difficult in urban areas, but
Motorcycles can be safely ridden on expressways that are away from populated areas.
There are basically no road conditions or sudden jumps.
Also, since the straight lines continue endlessly, it is a good place to see how it feels to drive.
There is a big difference in the conscious aspects of what you need to be concerned about compared to regular roads.
On the other hand, there is also a disadvantage: it would be very bad if it became impossible to drive, so it cannot be disassembled.
In fact, it's better not to do it. Really just run.
Does it fall off even before driving on the expressway? It's better to drive and check if it's light.
During this run, I touched the air screw, but I didn't remove the tank or touch any bolts. On a regular road, you can stop right away and check the state of equipment such as tightening bolts and luggage.
That's not the case with expressways.
There are roadside belts for emergencies, but it's a bad idea to think it's normal to use them.
I think of the expressway as a place to take a test drive and feedback my impressions to myself.
If your FCR tunings are in perfect condition, please try using the expressway.
Thank you for reading to the end.
Please be careful of accidents and enjoy your motorcycle life!
See you again!
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