Made by Kitako – Quick fuel joint for fuel line

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Made by Kitako – Quick fuel joint for fuel line

Please use this as a reference for beginners who are just starting to use FCR.
The common product name is Quick Fuel Joint, and I sometimes call it Gasoline Hose Quick Release. Quick release is a word that is also used elsewhere, so it may be a word that you shouldn't use when communicating with someone.
If you have an FCR tuning, you will have to unload the gas tank more often.
We are equipped with an item that allows you to easily attach and detach the fuel hose at that time, so we would like to introduce it to you.

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There is no doubt that this item is a very wonderful item and will make your motorcycle more convenient.
If you are doing FCR or carb tuning, this is a must-have level.
If you are wearing FCR, it is essential to equip an alternative product even if it is not a quick release.
By the way, motorcycles that do not require the installation or removal of the tank are different.
In this world, where there are advantages, there are always disadvantages, but there are some things to be careful of.
Based on that, I would like to introduce it to you.

Advantages and disadvantages of quick fuel joints

Where there is good in the world, there is always bad.
Installing a new device also has the disadvantage of being expensive.
Quick fuel joints have more benefits.
I can't see any disadvantages.


I will write from the merits.
① It takes 1 second to remove the fuel hose.
②The time to attach the fuel hose will be 1 second.
③ Commonly used for synchronizing cabs, etc. - Connections such as drips can also be made in 1 second.
④Does not damage the fuel cock.

All are important. ①~③ are advantageous in terms of time. Regarding ④, if you pull the fuel hose around and around every time, an unexpected situation such as the joint breaking or gasoline starting to leak may occur.
The possibility of this happening increases.
As for the time involved, removing the fuel hose takes a lot of force if you repeat test runs many times a day.
When tuning up FCR, it is important to reduce the number of operations and keep tools compactly together.
I usually wear Simpson's full face.
When tuning up FCR, I often wear a jet helmet.
This makes it easier to work while wearing a helmet.


The downside is that it feels a little forced. There is only one major disadvantage.
① Gasoline may leak from the joint.
② Damage such as cracks in the quick fuel joint
③It becomes a resistance to fuel supply.
④It costs money.
⑤ I'm concerned about my appearance.

I feel like I was forced to think about it, but I will write a response and explanation.
① is a fatal weakness. O-rings in the joints deteriorate rapidly, so it is necessary to always have a spare O-ring on the motorcycle.
Outer diameter 11mm, inner diameter 8mm, thickness 2mm
It is the size of It's better to buy in bulk on Amazon.
If you experience symptoms of gasoline leakage while driving, all you have to do is remove the quick release.
Although it is not a major problem, it is a point that causes trouble from the beginning.
It's better to watch.
All I can say about ② is to remove it if it breaks. Just in case it breaks,
It is better to leave a little extra space in the fuel line when installing.

Regarding ③, ④ and ⑤, I feel like they were forced into thinking.
If it causes resistance to the fuel supply in ③, you can't install a filter.
Until now, I have installed a quick fuel joint and have never experienced any resistance to fuel supply.
In fact, I feel like it would be more of a problem if the fuel was once stopped at the fuel filter.
There is nothing you can do about ④ and ⑤, so please use your wisdom to cover them.

sub fuel tank

I use a steel sub-tank for transportation. When carrying it, the rule is to use iron.
It seems that the Fire Service Act stipulates that a special type of gasoline must be used.
I also have a quick release on my sub tank,
When synchronizing or removing the tank for work, it can be installed immediately.
The sub-tank also has a cock at the bottom for taking out gasoline.
I mainly use it for synchronization work. Due to the configuration of my CBX, I have to strictly tune it.
It may not make much sense, but remove the stop screw and throttle wire.
When I touch it, I always make sure to synchronize with it, or rather, I check it.
By the way, the inner diameter of the fuel line used in CBX is 8mm.
If you want to use an iron sub-tank like me, you may need to modify it.

Made by Kitako – Quick fuel joint for fuel line【summary】

Not all people have it installed, and it is not a product that is equipped by the manufacturer by default.
There may be disadvantages that I have not mentioned above.
Also, modern motorcycles are fuel injection, so even if they have a fuel pump,
There may be some incompatibility. At least in CBX, it was originally a forced opening/closing type.
It's a fuel cock and I haven't had any problems with it.
In fact, it's one of my favorite items.
Also, since the fuel cock has been replaced with a Pingel one,
This may cause the angle of the cock to shift or cause you to accidentally move the screw thread by hand.
Since the quick fuel joint is close to one-touch, the effect on other parts is
It has been reduced.
Well then! See you again!
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