CBX runs at night. Photo list and headlights and lamps

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CBX runs at night. Photo list and headlights and lamps

All lighting related to my CBX has been changed to LED.
Completely self-satisfied.
I installed the meters without considering the brightness, so it's so bright at night that it's hard to see the neutral lamps. The meter lamp size is BA9S.
 Next time you disassemble it, it would be better to add a resistor or something to block it a little. If you look at it this way, it seems to be quite bright, although it depends on how you take the photo.
 The area around the switch is equipped with a turn signal position, a hazard, and a multi-light reflector, so this is just a rough introduction.

Sphere Light Rising 2

Although the price is high, it doesn't seem to have a bad reputation, it seems to pass vehicle inspection, and I feel safer buying something expensive, so I choose it. *You don't have infinite money, so it's in moderation.
The link destination is a Japanese web page.



The link destination is a Japanese web page.

FB03 - stanley
It's made of resin, so if you want to use glass, I think it's a good idea to pick up Marshall. However, Marshall has a very strong logo, so the cat mark is in the middle of the headlights. If you don't like it, you'll have to consider it. Until the Z900RS came out, multi-reflector headlights were more popular, but recently more and more motorcycles have started to use projector headlights. I decided not to hire him because I thought it would ruin the image of CBX.

LED light gallery for night photography

The advantages of LEDs are that they are low-power, bright, and long-lasting, but I sometimes find them too bright when used in headlights and other visible lamps.

Custom headlights are recommended for beginners.

Customizing headlights, lamps, etc. is recommended for motorcycle DIY beginners.
If wiring etc. are included, the speed will go up all at once.
If you just need to replace the lamp or parts, you don't have to worry too much.
There are several reasons why I recommend it, so I will list them below.
① Almost no tools required
Almost no tools required. It is enough to buy a set of DIY tools at a home center.
I don't think you can go wrong buying it because it's a cheap item for future use.
② Just replace it
No special processing is required. Just remove and replace. Basically, lamps are consumable items.
It is made to be replaceable. There are some things to be careful about when it comes to working methods, but I think it's hard to make mistakes.
③The answer is easy to understand if you look it up.
When changing from light bulbs to LEDs, the turn signals may turn into a high flash due to power consumption. Also, although it's not a lamp, changing from a single horn to a double horn can make the fuse jump more easily. These problems can be resolved by reverting.
Additionally, for problems where the cause is clearly known, you can often get a clear answer even if you search on the internet or ask a question on SNS.

[Note for DIY beginners]
An adjustable wrench is not a universal spanner.
Basically, use a box wrench when tuning bolts. The driver also has a sense of force and size. Do not use stainless steel screws that can be purchased at home centers on motorcycles or cars. This will cause rust to develop in other parts. Also, if stainless steel materials are involved in electrical connections, unexpected problems may occur. please note.

CBX runs at night. Photo list and headlights and lamps【summary】

Many people who own old cars still use light bulbs in their lights.
The atmosphere is important, and the reason for not fixing it is never the same.
You should think of some way to make it brighter without using LEDs or multi-reflectors.
For example, turn on fog lights so they are invisible.
Another option is to make it brighter by routing the wiring.
The LEDs around the meter are bright at night and can be a problem if you don't pay attention to them.
If you suddenly have to run at night, it can be very difficult because it's dark.
Also, it would be a sad ending if you installed a cheap product in your headlights and your car failed to pass the vehicle inspection.
A replacement headlight bulb is fine, but if you use a multi-light reflector or projector,
I would like to use a product that passes the vehicle inspection from the beginning because I only replace it at the time of the vehicle inspection, considering where the parts are stored.
Well then! See you again!
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