HONDA CBX Photos2022/04

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HONDA CBX Photos2022/04

The other day, when I went for a test drive, the weather was nice and there was an unusual riverside area with no guardrails, so I took some photos.
It clicked. When taking a photo,
If you take it in this order, it will come out cleanly.
If the sun is directly above or to the side, it will look a little pale.
Backlighting is not very good.
This may not be a technique often used in motorcycle photos, but if you take 1/3 of the photo as the mortorcycle and 2/3 as the scenery,
You can take photos that tell a story.
I'm currently taking sloppy shots with the camera, but I'm sure it's accurate to some extent,
If you are interested, please refer to it.

CBX daytime photos taken in direct sunlight as much as possible

I write explanations and concepts about motorcycles. Basically, there are almost no parts that are not touched.
The frame is a little old but has been repainted. The engine has had the paint removed and is in pristine condition.
I usually wipe it down with silicone spray and clean it frequently. The exterior has also been repainted,
I prepared a spare insulator and asked them to paint it. The rear cowl is SC03 with a lid,
It cannot be attached to CB1 as is without cutting or tensioning it a little.
I don't really want to add a bag or accessory case, but there are times when I need it to set up [FCR], so
I have a bag attached to the left and I keep my tools there. There was a time when I carried everything in my backpack or used a net, but I didn't want to wear it on my body, so I attached it to my motorcycle.
Also, I will not install the net as it will damage the rear cowl. Tank bags with magnets are for the same reason.
Also, avoid using magnets as they can cause rust. The key for the rear cowl is set to one key, but I just turn off the lock function.
Bolts are made of silver, titanium whenever possible, and stainless steel in some places.
I avoid it because there are electric lights and the iron rusts easily. Everything around the meter except for the smartphone holder
The additional meter is attached to the upper left of the oil cooler by extending the stay.
Equipment that disrupts the image of a motorcycle is grouped on the left side.
The suspension and calipers may ruin your image, but if you try to ride properly,
It needed to be replaced, so I replaced it. There's also the dress-up aspect.
If possible, black springs would be better for the Ohlins suspension, so this is a topic for the future.
Brembo calipers are standard aftermarket parts, and the design of the CBX is reminiscent of the 400cc class of the late 1980s.
As for the steering wheel, I use a low handlebar because it will be difficult to turn corners if I install a high handlebar.
This is not a particularly problematic item as you can choose as many as you want with the genuine look and low handlebars of the CB-F series.
The muffler is probably Dangani, but there's no logo, so I'm not sure. I like Simpson helmets, so I use them, but I'm getting tired of them, so I might choose another brand of helmet next time. Other black resin parts are painted as glossy black as possible.
In addition, bolts are grouped in silver color as much as possible. Other than that, the switches are equipped with on/off tunings, including the turn signal position, and hazards are also installed. This has nothing to do with running, but
The wiring for vehicles with turn signal positions is too complicated, so I wondered how to do it when I was young.
Since I had the knowledge to add wiring, I decided to take on the challenge. Switch related things are already ruining the atmosphere, so I'm not concerned about it now. The headlights are also new in design, so they are multi-light reflectors. There is no need to go out of your way to turn on the lights,
You can see the cut and it looks nice. I could have chosen Marshall, but that seems too strong, so I chose Raybrik. Also, the vehicle height is intentionally quite high, and the center stand is long enough to be usable without extending it. Tires are Continental Click Attack. The wheels are normal with mirror finish.
The ignition is Uotani SP2. Will the piston be Wiseco's 0.5mm over 65mm? The theme is that the cab is FCR and the tuning is done by yourself.
These photos become memories.
Please always take photos.

HONDA CBX Photos2022/04【summary】

I find myself writing this post right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of it 10 years from now.
When I looked at my blog 10 years ago, I couldn't do any maintenance on motorcycles, and I hadn't touched FCR at all. Nowadays, I enjoy riding motorcycles more than I did back then. Even after 10 years, I wish I could still enjoy riding a motorcycle more than I do now.
See you again!
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