FCR test run, Yasuno Station

Yasuno station touring
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FCR test run, Yasuno Station

Let's go for a test run after tuning up the FCR!
I park my motorcycle in a rental garage.
When doing small-scale maintenance or touring, I temporarily store my motorcycle at my parents' house.
I'm trying to move it. As the title of the post says, Yasuno Station has become a secret touring spot.
The number of people is increasing every year.

[Yasuno Station]

安野 花の駅公園 · 〒731-3411 広島県山県郡安芸太田町穴554
★★★★☆ · 公園
To be exact, it is the site of the abandoned Kakesen Yasuno Station. You can reach it by heading north on Route 191 from the Asa Kita IC in downtown Hiroshima and tuning left along the river through Yasuno Tunnel. It's easy to find if you have a car navigation system, but if you try to go from the mountain pass on a motorcycle, you might get a little lost. I don't know. There are many roads that are good for motorcycles, but they are the type of roads that can be quite troublesome when there are road closures or construction. It is better to head directly from National Route 191. As I write this, it was a famous place in my neighborhood that I didn't even know about until last year. Currently, there isn't a lot of capacity for people in general, so it's best to take a leisurely trip with a small number of motorcycles. It's a very good spot. There were a lot of people on bicycles, and I saw people with Shimane license plates here and there. I rarely use it when I want to go for a long test run.

Yasuno station site

Motorcycle photography at Yasuno Station

There is another reason why I headed to Yasuno Station this time. When I was touching AS on the roadside,
Z1's brother, which station is Yasuno station? The reason is that I have been talking about this.
Even though I called him an older brother, the way he spoke and his atmosphere made him look like he was much older than me.
In that case, since I just touched the accelerator area the other day, you can guide me to Yasuno Station.
It was less than 15 minutes away, so I ran there.
There was also a person with a Z900RS, so let's just say hello and take a picture of the three cars side by side.
That's what happened. After that, it's disbanded.

Adjustment of FCR-AS

For CBX AS return adjustment, check clutch engagement, starting, and starting on a slope.
When you go back, there are places where you can feel the power and places where you don't, so keep that in mind.
I only run a few meters, and I barely touch the accelerator.
Then, return it further and run it. You can find a place where the air blows up well and a place where the return is good. It's like touching five minutes at a time with the hands of a clock.
If the AS is set back too far, the feeling of power will be drastically reduced and it will be difficult to start the vehicle.
Since the AS is retuning from a good position when idling, there is a high possibility that the idling is at an unfavorable position.
Therefore, set the PS back by that amount and make adjustments when starting or idling.
When you return the PS, the fuel will become richer only in the idling range, so it's OK to rev it at a speed that feels just right.
That's why I wrote earlier that you should remember to return the start using AS.
With the AS engine running, if you turn the engine back up from 1st to 6th in 5 minute increments, there will be a moment when the idling will suddenly increase. According to the manual and the stories of our predecessors, there seems to be a point where the rotation speed increases when you touch AS and PS for each cylinder, but to be honest with CBX, I don't know. I am currently using the same return for both PS and AS.

FCR test run, Yasuno Station【summary】

Motorcycles can be enjoyed in groups or solo. Since I was a teenager, I often ride in groups, and I installed intercoms, drive recorders, USB sockets, and ETC on my motorcycles. You may not need any of them if you are solo, but if you have two or more, it is better to have them on. Some people may not be concerned about this, especially if you use the drive recorder solo because the accident rate goes down, but if you don't speak to the deceased, it can be very troublesome for the bereaved family. Things like this don't suit old motorcycles...

When someone calls out to me at a roadside station, etc., I start the engine if possible, and if requested, I start the vehicle.
I try to give explanations and explanations of the things that are installed.
On rare occasions, there are elderly people or super mechanics who talk to me in a negative way.
I try not to interact with them too much. For those who are super mechanics and ride CBX,
I've never met you, but...
There was one problem this time. You were in Shiraki last month, right? I've been receiving more and more comments that I don't remember. And about twice in a week. I'm not having a specific problem, but
I suspect that there are people in the northern part of Hiroshima prefecture who are saying the same thing as me.
Well then! If you meet me at Yasuno Station, please give me a shout! See you again!
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