FCR tuning – AS and PS adjustment during test run22/07/28

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FCR tuning – AS and PS adjustment during test run22/07/28

I was really curious about it, so I decided to take it for a test run during lunch.
I didn't do anything in particular, I just touched the screw a little.
I haven't even removed FCR from CBX.
And this is the tuning that feels calm and settled.
AS-1.55 minutes
PS-2.30 minutes
Uotani ignition timing 1
That's what it feels like.
It's a rich, so I might open it up a little on a different day.
Lately, I've started liking richer shades.
Cold startability can only be checked once a day.
If you wait for the engine temperature to drop, you can check it twice.
I won't get into it too much because it has to do with the neighborhood.
When trying to improve starting performance, the PS tends to open.
Since the FCR is a racing cab, there is also the idea that you don't have to worry too much about startability or lower engine speed.
Either way, I currently prefer a richer feel, so I'll take another look at the engine startability when it's cold tomorrow morning.
Regarding engine startability when cold, I am thinking about various things, such as tightening the PS a little more and raising the stop screw a little.
If you think about things the day before and try them out the next day, you will have a better idea of what the work will be like.
My hands move easily.
When driving the CBX, I don't have any problems with the sense of acceleration or power.
The current situation is not the best, so I will gradually touch on it.
Even if you have the best tunings, there will be changes depending on the season, so if you notice any changes, make minor adjustments.
I haven't done enough test runs to be satisfied with MJ's number. If you can run long distances with enthusiasm, you can check MJ's number, but this has not been done yet. The current number should be fine, but I think it would be nice to be able to do a test run to confirm.

For beginners to FCR – Try out the screw.

SJ accessories or tuning parts that can be easily adjusted.
PS pilot screw
AS air screw
there is.
Strictly speaking, the SJ may need to be replaced due to the combination of the straight diameter of the JN jet needle.
Basically, due to the difficulty of access, after exchanging SJ, use AS and PS to control the influence range of SJ.
It becomes a way of thinking.
If you can't control the low throttle opening with AS and PS, replace it with a different number.
In short, if you replace SJ, the return range of AS and PS will change.
Adjusting the pilot screw is easy to understand depending on the motorcycle, but at least on the CBX it is difficult to understand. Depending on the temperature of the engine, the pilot screw can idle even when all cylinders are closed. I haven't been able to test it on my CBX because it doesn't feel good when driving. I have not tried it on other motorcycles.
As for the AS air screw, you can see the change even if you change it by just 5 degrees.
Beginners can make adjustments by moving the AS in 15 minute increments or 10 minute increments and repeating test runs. As written in the manual, find the return that increases the rotation speed for each cylinder,
There is also a way to adjust each cylinder individually, such as by retuning the stop screw.
At least with CBX, you won't notice any changes even if you adjust each cylinder individually.
For such motorcycles, all cylinders should be adjusted with the same return number.
At least my CBX hasn't gotten any worse.
The machine will not break even if the AS is opened or tightened too much.
Although it may become temporarily impossible to drive,
It should never reach a level where recovery is impossible.
If you are interested, there is no problem at all if you touch it at a casual level.
It won't break, and even if things go wrong, you should be able to recover quickly.
Please enjoy the tunings by changing various parts.

FCR tuning – AS and PS adjustment during test run22/07/28【summary】

Rather than adjusting anything, I just touched on it.
I think I'll check the startability tomorrow morning and adjust the screw again.
Next time, I think it would be a good idea to change the oil or replace the clutch outer at the right time.
Well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful FCR life.
See you again!

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It's not like I've done anything in particular, but when I'm doing a test run and adjusting the AS, I sometimes run without the funnel attached. It won't be a completely perfect tuning, but I haven't noticed any particular problems.
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