FCR-screw adjustment and AS Uotani SP2 dial tuning 22/07/29

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FCR-screw adjustment and AS Uotani SP2 dial tuning 22/07/29

I looked at the cold startability of the engine and tried adjusting AS and PS.
I had already decided on the general tunings the other day, so I didn't have to spend any particular time on it.
This is almost a confirmation process.
I feel that it is better to open the PS for starting performance.
I tried tightening and opening it, but in the end it remained at the default tuning.
I moved the idle stop screw a little higher.
Traveling by motorcycle on a summer morning is a lot of fun, even if it's only for a short time.
It would be great if it wasn't hot.
We did a test drive on a mountain road with few cars.
Now that the tunings have been decided and I am less dissatisfied,
I changed the dials of AS Uotani SP2 and did a test drive.

AS Uotani SP2 dial tuning

Writing from the results, change the ignition timing dial
[1] [0] [1]
I changed it in that order.
Originally it was [0], but the feeling when I changed it to [1] and [2] was wonderful,
I am retuning the tunings assuming that the ignition timing is set to [1].
The reason for not tuning [2] is to avoid the disadvantages of advancing the ignition timing too much.
To be honest, I don't have the skills to easily disassemble the engine, so I'd like to leave a margin of safety.
I will write about my impressions when I advanced the ignition timing.
I don't know if the expression is correct, but
The overall feeling of power increased, and I got the impression that the FCR tuning was leaner overall. I have a very strong feeling that I changed the current tunings because I wanted to use AS Uotani SP2's ignition timing [1]. There may be disadvantages, but for my CBX, I feel that tuning the ignition timing to [1] on the 2-degree dial is the best position.
This time I feel like I'm in the best position.
Change the ignition timing dial of AS Uotani SP2 from [1] to [0].
I changed it to , but I felt that the overall feeling of power decreased.
It just feels like the power has decreased. Maybe I'm biased, but I felt it had a slightly richer feel.
After all, I determined that it was [1] rather than [0], and gently changed the ignition timing to [1].
Since the BTCD of [0] is 38 degrees, I feel that there is no problem even if it is set to 40 degrees of [1],
As expected, changing just one dial shouldn't cause anything to break.
I've heard that 45 degrees is a dangerous range for motorcycles, but I don't think that's true.
Also, although AS Uotani SP2 is a tuning part, it is hard to imagine that it is attacking the last minute tuning at the [0] position. I trusted my feelings and decided on [1] again.
Although it doesn't happen often, I sometimes drive at full throttle, so [2] was a little scary, but it didn't give me a good feeling. Of course, the evaluation may change if I set it according to ignition timing [2], but for now I am satisfied with ignition timing [1].
At least when compared to [0], if the engine does not blow, it is definitely [1].
I like it so much that I can't think of any other options other than [1].

For FCR Beginners – What to do with AS Uotani SP2

There is a high probability that machines equipped with FCR will also have AS Uotani SP2 installed.
Let's talk about dial tunings.
Most things won't break, but please try the following at your own risk.
As for the rev limit, please raise it to about [6] to [A]. The engine will not rotate as much as expected under normal conditions. Please be careful not to set it to unlimited, such as [F].
Regarding the ignition timing, if you set [9], [0], and [1] to the one that best suits your feeling,
Good. My feeling is that I prefer [1] to [0].
AS Uotani SP2 dial adjustment falls under the category of tuning parts, so
Depending on the dial on the engine, it can cause serious trouble to the engine.
If you adjust the dial within the above range, you should be able to maintain a safety margin.
There are quite a lot of riders riding [0].
If you only adjust the ignition timing by one step, I think you can enjoy the change in feel with plenty of time, so please give it a try.
I think there are many riders who have installed the AS Uotani SP2 to prevent ignition system troubles, but please take the opportunity to touch the dial and enjoy the changes.

FCR-screw adjustment and AS Uotani SP2 dial tuning 22/07/29【summary】

My theme when tuning up FCR is to change it anyway.
If you try it, you'll understand if it happens.
Of course, it is also essential to make predictions in advance and think about the reasons for the results.
Either way, you can often find out about the tunings after changing the jet and taking a test drive.
Next time, I would like to try changing MJ little by little.
There are many things I would like to try other than FCR related.
I don't have enough skill or time to do it all at once, so I would like to proceed with the restoration process little by little.
Well then! See you again!

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