FCR-Test run-Mesh jacket is pretty good22/07/27

HONDA CBX mesh jacket FCR
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FCR-Test run-Mesh jacket is pretty good22/07/27

This is a continuation of the tuning from the other day. In fact, I did a test run and checked the startability when cold.
Starting the PS is better if it is opened a little, but I don't like opening it too much.
Current tunings
AS-1.15 minutes
PS-3.15 minutes
Regarding PS, I prefer a richer one, including starting performance.
However, the PS has reached its limit, so I plan to replace the SJ.
Regarding JN, I'm thinking of trying #1.
Regarding MJ, I am considering whether to hold off or change it from 132 to 130.
As far as running it goes, it's pretty good.
I choose a jet after considering it so that it will be better compared to full throttle every time,
There are many things that tend to get better, but I am very satisfied with the feeling of power.
I think it would be great if we could be aware of how much PS affects us when we run.
It may be that it has no effect on driving at all, but
I feel like this test run had some kind of effect on me.
Summer is here! I'm one step away from that, so I'd like to take a little more time and take a test run.

The mesh jacket I bought the other day has made its debut!

mesh jacket
It's a cool mesh jacket when you look at it alone, but I feel like it doesn't go well with the CBX. It may be suitable for bright tricolor replicas such as NSR.
Since I have already purchased it, I will be spending the summer with a mesh jacket for the time being.

Effect of mesh jacket

I didn't ride it for long distances, but when I accelerate, the wind blows through me and it feels very comfortable.
It is difficult to tell the difference from simple clothing such as a T-shirt, but from a safety perspective,
It's much better than not having it. Of course, we also include a protector.
Whether you wear a protector or not, the impression you give to others is important,
I would like to be careful when riding when it comes to equipment.

For FCR beginners – Improving fuel efficiency

Once the tunings are correct, fuel efficiency will improve! I feel a little gray about this point.
Racing cabs, including FCR, are not devices that improve fuel efficiency.
A device that generates power. As a byproduct of a successful tuning,
Fuel efficiency is improved and engine speed is improved, resulting in unnecessary high revolutions.
I think you will feel that fuel efficiency has improved when throttle work is reduced.
The idea behind a racing carb is to efficiently feed fuel to the engine to generate power.
Injection is a device that improves fuel efficiency.
Power is produced by the by-products of the proper air-fuel ratio managed by injection,
It is possible to achieve an air-fuel ratio that cannot be controlled with a carburetor.
There is an interesting example of how fuel efficiency changes depending on how you drive.
I once went touring with a friend of mine who owns a CB900F while talking about oil temperature with an intercom connected.
The way he rides is such that he doesn't increase the rpm. If anything, I ride like I'm revving the engine. I rode without increasing the engine speed to prevent the oil temperature from rising, and as a result, my fuel efficiency improved.
We believe that whether the fuel efficiency of a motorcycle with a carburetor increases or decreases greatly depends on the rider's riding style. I feel that if you make tunings with fuel efficiency as your top priority, you won't get very good results.
This is an area where people have different opinions. Riders who have started trying out FCR tunings should keep this in mind.

FCR-Test run-Mesh jacket is pretty good22/07/27【summary】

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun, but it can feel a bit lonely for short periods of time.
Also, in the summer, I feel it's cooler and more enjoyable to ride early in the morning or in the evening rather than during the day.
There are very few opportunities to ride for a long time, so please find some time and enjoy tuning up the FCR slowly.
Well then, I hope you all have a fun FCR life.
See you again!

Photo from when I went for a test run

This photo was taken on a road deep in the mountains near my workplace. There are almost no cars passing by, but even during the day I drive while being wary of wild animals jumping out.
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