Rental Garage – CBX400F Integra Cowl Specifications

HONDA CBX upper cowl CBX
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Rental Garage – CBX400F Integra Cowl Specifications

My CBX uses part of the motorcycle shop as a rental garage. I haven't taken many photos since I changed to the CBX400F Integra cowl specification. I'm honored that the motorcycle shop told me there would be no problem since it will be their signature vehicle. After riding, when we park our bikes in the rental garage, we make sure to wash them and remove any dirt from the front before parking them in the rental garage. I park my car in a place where people can see it, so I want to keep it clean.

CBX400F Integra cowl specification photo gallery

A CBX400F Integra cowl is installed. The stay uses a stay for the late model CBX. Although some minor adjustments were required, the installation is close to bolt-on condition.
Probably, if you install the CB750F series Appa cowl, it will become too big and give a stubby look.
The custom parts have also been moved, so if you are a CBX or CB-F owner who is thinking about customizing, please refer to it. I'm trying not to lose the balance of the car body.

Tips to keep your motorcycle looking clean

That's my own way of thinking. There are some tricks to keeping your motorcycle looking clean.
Make sure the wheels and chain are clean. Depending on whether the wheels and chain are clean or dirty,
I feel like I can kind of see how well the motorcycle has been maintained. There is some rust removed, but the motorcycle looks extremely clean because the wheels and chain have been cleaned.
Another problem is the deterioration of resin parts. If the resin parts become whitish or dull due to sun exposure,
It gives off a very old feel. There are also waxes that can restore the blackness of resin.
Relying on such chemicals can make your vehicle look younger.
By the way, the resin parts on my CBX are painted glossy black, so the resin parts don't get dull, but I do try to be careful about sunburn from direct sunlight.
For painted surfaces, I use Wako's Barrier Coat after washing them lightly with a neutral detergent.
Oil-based wax is used for the plating parts including the front fork.
After driving, there may be small insects around the headlights, so wash the car to remove them before taking it to the garage.
The wheels have a mirror finish.
The engine is in solid aluminum condition. The head cover and handle are chrome plated.

Rental Garage – CBX400F Integra Cowl Specifications【summary】

The wheels are polished. The head is plated. The resin parts are painted glossy black. Since the engine guard was arranged like a subframe, it was painted glossy black. The front part is almost entirely from the bolt-on CB1100F front part. Brembo CNC calipers are installed front and rear by using the suspension from the CB1100F.
The reason why we originally ported the front part of the CB1100F was because we were able to use Brembo's bolt-on kit.
It may look like flashy customization, but in most cases parts that have deteriorated over time are replaced with aftermarket parts. If you look at it from a different perspective, the balance of the vehicle hasn't changed drastically, so it's almost normal. We also repair engines and ignition systems to the extent that we can, or replace them with external products. The grip is in original condition. I haven't changed the grip in over 40 years. The grip may be the only thing that hasn't been processed or painted. Most of the other parts have been touched, such as polishing or replacing something.
We will continue to maintain cleanliness.
See you again!
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