FCR-tuning-With Boko 22/07/02

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FCR-tuning-With Boko 22/07/02

While cruising, when I suddenly open the throttle from 1/8 to 1/4 or 1/2, I have a problem where the engine gets bumpy or the air-fuel ratio drops to 10.1. These symptoms depend on how you open the throttle.
I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to respond by changing the way you ride the motorcycle, but I'd like to investigate various things.
Until now, I had not been able to adjust the PS pilot screw while the engine was starting, so
I wasn't sure about the effectiveness of PS.
I'm seriously thinking that it's impossible to turn the screw while installing and removing the carburetor.
It is effective in the areas of clutch engagement and starting, and I was able to confirm that there was a clear change in the air-fuel ratio.

↓Past articles↓
Verifying the impact of CBX PS


Change FCR tunings

Something to try.
① - Try lowering the count of A and SJ from 55 to 48 and 42
①-B, try retuning AS to 2.45 minutes in 5 minute increments.
② Adjustment of accelerator pump

First, change SJ from 55 to 48
Basically, follow the steps to open AS and PS while exchanging JN.
Turn the AS back 1.00 minutes and then turn it back in 5 minute increments until it goes back 2.45 minutes.
If the car starts slowly, set the PS back 5 minutes.

It was about 1/2 thin, so I changed it to JN.
No effect on bumps.

The more I set AS back, the better the feeling was, but when the throttle opening was low, there was no feeling of power,
I feel like the bumps haven't been fixed yet.
Change SJ to 42 or 40 and try AS again.
Regarding ①-A and ①-B, I tried it with SJ55 and 48, but it didn't seem to be improved.
It feels fluffy, but the current SJ may be significantly larger, so try it next time with 40 or 42.
I would like to change the accelerator pump and see how it goes.
By opening the AS, the clutch engagement makes the car start slowly, so I reset the PS to resolve this issue. It is difficult for me to adjust the CBX while checking the idling speed for each cylinder, so I set the same return value for all 6 cylinders.

Current results or what I found out

The more you turn AS back, the more power and acceleration you get, which is very fun, but the car becomes too sparse when clutching or starting, so adjust it with PS. I feel that if the PS is set back too much, starting performance in cold conditions will be poor.
When it comes to things that we don't have proof of or that are difficult to understand with numbers, we will try to find the correct method over and over again.

For FCR beginners – About the amount of screw return

I will write about CBX.
I set the AS air screw and PS pilot screw back in 5 minutes each.
The clock hands move 30 degrees every 5 minutes. As for AS, you can clearly understand it in 15 minutes.
Regarding PS, it is difficult to know concretely unless you use an air-fuel ratio meter or take off by connecting the throttle at an extremely low opening on a slight slope.
Regarding PS, it is very difficult to understand.
It says it's for beginners, but you can't set the FCR without tuning the screw.
If you are unsure about the screw, try tuning it back to AS 1.00 and PS 1.00, basically touching only the AS, making a temporary tuning and starting. Once you have found a position for the AS that makes it easy to start from clutch engagement, open and tighten the AS to find a position that is comfortable for you.

FCR-tuning-With Boko 22/07/02【summary】

This time, I have something to worry about, and I'm in a state where I'm blindly touching it,
You may not be able to get specific results that you feel are good.
However, if you don't try, the question will remain a question no matter how long it takes.
Even an amateur can tell the difference when using FCR, and there are not many tools required.
I would like to research and resolve questions about FCR myself.
I would be happy if there was a private user in my neighborhood who loves playing with FCR.
I have never met you in Hiroshima.
We will send information every time you touch FCR.
Well then! See you again!

*Below is a photo of my memories of the work. There are no explanations.

work photos

This is a work photo. I also replaced the JN jet needle as I put the AS back together.
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