FCR-tunings-AS Adjustment-22/06/25

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FCR-tunings-AS Adjustment-22/06/25

I adjusted the AS air screw and the PS pilot screw. As I wrote in another article, my current opinion is that there are no surprising changes in PS and AS for each cylinder in the CBX.
Currently I have SJ slow jet set to 55,
If you try replacing the SJ slow jet with a 35 and verifying the change in PS, you may notice a dramatic change in idling. Until recently, whenever I touched the PS, I was always attaching and detaching the carburetor.
It was not possible to verify PS. By modifying the Pilot screw adjustment tool the other day, it is now possible to quickly verify the return status of the PS. Posts may vary, but
It was right after processing the Pilot screw adjustment tool, so
On this day, I did not confirm any changes due to opening and closing the PS using the air-fuel ratio meter.

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pilot screw adjusting tool processing

Verifying the impact of CBX PS

Opening/closing AS and other tasks

This time, I want to open AS additionally, so I'm using FCR.
Then lower the idling stop screw to the height where you can barely idle.
I checked how much the PS changes. Regarding PS, the engine stalls when opened and closed.
Did. Set the idling stop screw to the appropriate height for idling.
Closing PS completely had no effect. For now, PS seems to be effective in some way.
I understand that at this point.
Later, when I checked with an air-fuel ratio meter, I found that there was a change in the air-fuel ratio up to about 1500 RPM.
At this time, even if you are racing or racing, the number of revolutions does not return properly.
I could only vaguely feel that the engine was having trouble starting.
This is a point of reflection, but since I have installed an air-fuel ratio meter,
At this time, the right thing to do was to focus on the air-fuel ratio meter.
Although it is affected by the number of SJ, it will not appear as a value on the air-fuel ratio meter if the PS is slightly opened or closed.
By the way, when I fully closed the AS, the engine stalled easily even though I was idling vigorously.
At this time, I knew that the PS was working, so after a few days, I checked the air-fuel ratio meter to see how much it had changed.
I tried it, so I'm happy with the results. You may not be able to notice the change by going back 1 turn to 2 turns.

CBX-FCR tuning work photo

This time, I was also testing the effectiveness of the PS, but I decided on a test drive to see how much the AS should open.
AS-1.30 minutes
PS-1.15 minutes
AS-1.45 minutes back
PS-1.00 minutes back
Acceleration pump - standard
Uotani ignition timing [1]

I repeated the test run thinking that it would be good if it became leaner around the 1/2 position.
The sky looked like it was going to start raining soon, so
The accelerator pump has finished without being touched. I only touched the AS, PS, and idling stop screw. I had carefully synchronized the FCR beforehand, so after touching the idling stop screw, all I had to do to synchronize was adjusting the idling stop screws No. 1 and 6.

FCR-begenners-Pilot screw adjustment tool

I've only ever touched CBX, so I might be relying on it.
I have tried about 3 types of Pilot screw adjustment tools so far, but
None of them could be used for CBX's FCR.
As a result, I am using a straight Pilot screw adjustment tool.
When I talked to other CBX owners on SNS, they told me that this was good, or that this was good.
We have received such comments, and we have also received comments such as the fact that the number 4 carburetor cannot be touched.
Since this is an online story that we don't meet face-to-face, we can't just take everything at face value.
However, there may not be a Pilot screw adjustment tool that can be used immediately with CBX in the world.
I don't know. Even if you decide that the purchased Pilot screw adjustment tool cannot be used,
This time I would like to tell you that if you remove the interfering part, something may be possible.
The game ends if you give up, so there may be other ways.
It's worth thinking about it.

FCR-tunings-AS Adjustment-22/06/25【Summary】

Recently, I have been particular about tuning the PS back to 1.0 or 1.15 minutes,
Once you understand the logic, you don't have to be too particular about it, so you can open or close it wide as needed.
You will be able to do it. Excessive opening and closing is an exception.
Basically, we will go back 1.0-1.15 minutes.
I don't make a living from motorcycles, so
I don't know if I can stick to the ultimate, but
I hope you have fun solving your questions.
Please enjoy a good FCR life!
See you again!
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