FCR-tuning SJ exchange 22/07/03

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FCR-tuning SJ exchange 22/07/03

This article is just about replacing the SJ slow jet.
Due to rain in the forecast, I decided not to do a test run and just replaced the SJ.
In most areas of Japan, there is a lot of rain from June to August.
Actually, 42 is probably better since it is the default value when BITO is shipped, but
I want to verify the difference in change for myself, so I replaced it with SJ, which is the lowest than 42.
Also, since I'm enjoying the tunings myself, I'd like to try something a little different from BITO's initial tunings.

work photos

I often look at the state of the skeleton, but I remove the carburetor and look directly at it from the side.
It's been a while since I saw it. When replacing the SJ, if you remove the carburetor and turn it over.
In rare cases, debris gets stuck in the float valve and overflow occurs, so carefully
I try to tap it lightly before installing it. I always check the play and return strength of the throttle wire. It took me about 30 minutes to do it lazily while replacing the SJ.

For FCR beginners – Preparation of equipment

As for the chamber gasket, it is better to prepare a spare in advance.
It is possible to reuse it, but it will be very troublesome if it becomes impossible to reuse due to attachment and detachment.
What I carry with me on my CBX is a quick release O-ring for the fuel line and a clip for the jet needle. The prices around here are not high, and in the worst case scenario, you can buy it at a home center.
You can purchase a substitute item. However, the chamber gasket used when replacing the SJ is often not readily available due to its special shape, so it is best to have at least a few spares on hand in advance.
Become. tuning up is often done outside, so if you are unable to run on your own, it can be quite a difficult situation, so beginners should be especially careful.

For FCR beginners ② – Rules for slow jet exchange

These are the rules for replacing slow jets. Basically, it is better not to replace the slow jet once you have decided on it. It is better to deal with it with a screwdriver. If you can maintain idling even when the PS is fully closed, the slow jet is too large. On the other hand, if you can't idle even after retuning the PS to 3.30 minutes, the slow jet is too small. You can get the effect of enlarging the slow jet by changing the straight diameter of the jet needle or the number of clip stages, but this is just a trick, and it is difficult for beginners to have multiple jet needles. is. It's also in the FCR tuning manual,
Basically, the theory is to replace the slow jet when the screw exceeds the adjustment range.
The basic rule when tuning up is to fix certain parts and then change one part at a time, which is a shortcut to tuning up when you can't see the future. The number of clip stages and straight diameter of the jet needle also affect the selection of a slow jet, but it is unlikely to affect the slow jet unless the needle size is changed considerably. If you are not feeling well after replacing the jet needle in the intermediate range, try changing the tunings one by one, such as replacing the slow jet based on the jet needle, and you will surely be happy.

FCR-tuning SJ exchange 22/07/03【summary】

Lately, perhaps because I've gotten used to installing and removing carburetors, I've become less attentive and sometimes forget to tighten screws.
I'm not the type of person who can concentrate for a long time, so I always make sure to check it after I'm done.
Even so, sometimes I forget to tighten the screws. Please be careful not to forget to tighten the screws. This time I worked at my parents' house, but my neighbor's wife and the neighbor's wife told me,
“Did your motorcycle break again? ”
When I heard this twice in a row, I felt strange.
It's not broken, but I can't say I've set the carburetor properly.
"We apologize for the inconvenience…"
That said, the scene is flowing.
I replace jets at my parents' house, but when it comes to synchronization, I go deep into the mountains to do the work.
Please be careful not to synchronize in residential areas, apartments, or parks.
Japan has many densely populated areas, so you need to choose a location to start the engine.
Please have a good FCR life.
See you again!
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