Is a Quick throttle necessary for FCR?

HONDA CBX - Quick Throttle FCR
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Is a Quick throttle necessary for FCR?

This is a story that always comes up when converting an old motorcycle into a racing carburetor.
Racing carburetors are intended for full throttle driving on circuits, so
It is better to introduce Quick throttle.
Depending on the purpose of use, there may be exceptional reasons not to install Quick throttle, although it varies case by case.
To install a Quick throttle, take FCR as an example, a separate throttle holder and thin switch are required.
In some cases, it may be possible to install the FCR as is, but if the shape of the throttle or accelerator wire is physically different, it will be necessary to replace it.
Once you have installed the FCR, you should definitely consider using the Quick throttle option instead of using the original holder to enjoy it to the fullest.
This is the core of this post, but it would be strange to simply write about whether it is better or worse to use the Quick throttle, so I will also write about why I recommend using the Quick throttle.
At least I have the Quick throttle on and have no problems.
When asked whether it is necessary or unnecessary to introduce a Quick throttle on CBX, I answer that it is necessary if FCR is equipped.
As for CBX, I had a custom shop install it a long time ago, so
It is unclear whether it was necessary to replace the throttle, but if you just want to install it, use the genuine throttle holder.
can be used.
To fully enjoy FCR, a Quick throttle is necessary for CBX.
Lately, I've been trying to eliminate throttle play and make the return force stronger.
Since the FCR has a forced opening/closing racing carburetor, the real pleasure is to use the Quick throttle and enjoy the crisp engine response.
Today, I will write a column about whether a Quick throttle is necessary or not.

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CB750F is 90 degrees, probably the same as CBX.
Ducati's 1098 is 56, which is the same throttle opening as my current CBX.
Throttle opening and wire play are important for the operability of a motorcycle,
This is one of the items that can be easily improved, so please check your own motorcycle as well.

Conclusion – Depends on the reason for installing FCR.

Required depending on the reason you are installing the FCR. Since it is mostly a racing carburetor,
Quick throttle is basically required. There are cases where Quick throttle is not necessary for exceptional reasons.
First, write down the reason if it is not necessary.
[If there is no substitute for the carburetor and the option to get a new one is FCR]
A Quick throttle may not be necessary as it only needs to move.
Motorcycles for which carburetors are not available may not be able to be raced, so
FCR must have been introduced out of necessity to maintain the motorcycle.
[If Quick throttle is not required for competition]
It may not be necessary if you are looking for subtle throttle work at low speeds such as gymkhana.
It is impossible to have a situation where you drive straight ahead at full throttle.
A Quick throttle may not be necessary, but it can improve maintainability and allow competitors to adjust their preferred opening.
There is a case where a throttle holder is installed.
【There is no money】
All I can say is save your money.
[There is resistance to changing switches]
People who ride older motorcycles may be a little particular about it, but once you get used to it,
No big deal. It may be better not to even change to FCR in the first place.

Reason if necessary
[Wearing FCR for dress-up]
It is nonsense to not change the throttle even though the FCR is installed as a dress-up.
It should be replaced.
[I want to pursue performance]
This is the original usage. You should definitely introduce a Quick throttle.

The circumstances differ depending on the reason.
Owners who cannot install it due to budget reasons can save money and apply for one of the reasons.

Impressions of introducing Quick throttle to CBX FCR

If you incorporate FCR into CBX, you should install Quick throttle.
The item in the previous section about not being able to obtain a carburetor applies,
In that case, all you have to do is spend the money to install the FCR on repairing the genuine carburetor that you can't get.
Also, CRS carburetors should not be easily installed on CBX.
The reason was that it was not easy to install at the time.
The reason is that there are cases where CRS carburetors are required due to the recent CRS carburetor boom in Japan and race regulations.
Also, recently, CRS carburetor installation kits have become readily available in Japan.
As a motorcyclist, I want to do something different and be original, to a greater or lesser extent.
Please note that wanting to improve performance and wanting to be different from others are not the same thing.
If you customize it for a different purpose, there will be some wrinkles and you will end up with an uncool motorcycle.
I will specifically write about my reasons for introducing the Quick throttle and my impressions.
The reason I introduced it is that the throttle holder of BITO's FCR kit is well made, but
You won't be able to open it fully unless you grip the throttle again before the last time.
The opening angle of the BITO throttle holder is a little too large to be called a Quick throttle.
It may be suitable for competitions that use a lot of subtle throttle work, such as gymkhana, but the details are unknown.
The throttle opening until full throttle is 90 degrees.
I wanted to get it to full throttle with just one twist, so I replaced it with an active throttle.
The throttle is set to fully open at 56 degrees.
Also, the free play is kept to less than 1 degree and the throttle return is also quite strong.
This is because it is a racing carburetor, so we have determined that it is better to have as little play as possible.
It is my personal preference that the return is strong.
There are two good things about changing the throttle to Quick throttle.
The first point is that you can reach full throttle with one twist. This is not worth mentioning, but
This is the main purpose of introducing Quick throttle.
As for the second point, it comes down to preference, but even if you roughly operate the start and throttle work,
The point is that the response has improved. tuning the Quick throttle makes the throttle response sharper. On the other hand, if you use a narrow throttle, it may be difficult to react even if you operate it roughly. I like this part,
For riders who were originally doing throttle work carefully at low throttle,
The throttle response may become more agile and easier to handle. For riders who use the throttle sloppily on wide-throttle motorcycles, the throttle may overreact and make the motorcycle difficult to ride. FCR's throttle work is a forced opening/closing type, so
The engine must respond quickly to the throttle.

Quick throttle photo gallery

Lately, I've been concerned about the throttle grip becoming loose, so I've been rewiring it.
The throttle I am currently using is an active type 3 44 pi.
Initially, the wires were routed upwards, but now they are directed downwards.
Please be extremely careful as this may interfere with the tank.
By the way, I am using a handle stopper for the CB750F that I purchased on Yahoo! Auctions.
Please refer to previous posts for details. The opening is approximately 56 degrees, and the play is currently adjusted to almost no.
Install Quick throttle-Active Type3

Is a Quick throttle necessary for FCR?【summary】

As I wrote at the beginning, the bottom line is that it is better to use Quick throttle.
The same can be said about other racing carburetors.
My conclusion is that there are exceptional cases in which it is not necessary to use Quick throttle.
You don't have to use Quick throttle, but it's a good idea to do so.
It doesn't cost that much, but it does cost a little more, and when you consider labor costs, etc.
It makes me feel nervous. This is why we introduced a racing carburetor without changing to a Quick throttle.
This is one of the reasons why there are so many motorcycles that do this.
There are almost no disadvantages to using Quick throttle.
Also, even if you are not an FCR rider, if you are dissatisfied with the throttle work, please consider changing to a Quick throttle. From the end of the rainy season until winter is a great time for touring. In the summer, let's run to a summer resort.
See you again!
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