Rear brake handling, floating brake, etc.

HONDACBX - Route to torque rod Maintenance
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Rear brake handling, floating brake, etc.

My teacher once pointed out how to handle the rear brake, so this is a post about the time I corrected it and the installation.
I will post the results photos soon.
It's about rear brake routing, or rather brake hose routing.
I was planning on using it for floating, but it was too long!
It was pointed out. The handling was also not good, and there were plans to change to a rigid mount, so we fixed it.
Currently it is fixed to the torque rod.
HONDACBX - Brake hose routing on the rear wheel side
HONDACBX – Brake hose routing on the rear wheel side
HONDACBX - Route to torque rod
HONDACBX – Route to torque rod
HONDA CBX - Brake hose routing to swing arm
HONDA CBX – Brake hose routing to swing arm
The reason why the wheel is turned to the rear is to prevent it from interfering with the rear caliper as it moves when the floating mount is used.
 There are various preferences as to whether to fix it to the swing arm or to run it on the torque rod.
It depends on the custom concept. I'm currently running it on a torque rod,
This is because I want to make it difficult to see clearly. It's okay if you can see it though. I don't want it to get cluttered.
Mesh hose trivia - swedge line
Mesh hose trivia – swedge line


The Japanese parts manufacturer's web page will open.

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product.
This product and Sunstar's 240mm disc are installed.
It can be used for CB-F and has a lot of information.

If there is a CB-F custom shop nearby, they should have the know-how.
If you request us to do some work, we will create custom items such as caliper supports and small diameter discs.
I'm a Sunday mechanic, so I can't easily make a caliper support.
I try to minimize the amount of time my motorcycle is out of action.
We do our best to accommodate small machining or machining with low precision as much as possible.
I try to choose items that can be installed by bolt-on.
There may be some things to keep in mind and things you can refer to.

What is floating brake?

If you do a search, you'll find something like that, but as a newbie, I'll break it down and explain it to you.
The torque rod now moves with a bearing on the unrelated main frame rather than the swingarm pivot bearing.
This is the rear brake installed.
The feature is that even if you apply the rear brake, it does not affect the behavior of the rear suspension.

Conversely, a rigid mount is a rear brake with a torque rod fixed between the swingarm pivot bearing and the rear wheel.
The feature is that applying the brakes affects the behavior of the rear suspension. In other words, you can control it.

Rear floating is a custom style that was popular about 15 years ago, but is it now just a rider preference? The disadvantages are durability and the center stand becomes difficult to use.
I hate not being able to use the center stand,
Rigid mount → rear floating → rigid mount
It is changed like this. Since I took the trouble to purchase the rear floating kit,
I would like to see what it is.
However, I preferred the floating mount in terms of ride comfort or feel.
Still, I felt that not being able to use the center stand was a disadvantage, so I reluctantly decided to
Changed to rigid mount. To install the Brembo caliper instead of just removing it,
Welding is required, but as mentioned above, it's only a small amount of work.

Rear small diameter brake disc

When customizing old motorcycles, there is an item to reduce the diameter of the rear disc.
What to do is to make the rear brake smaller in diameter.
As a result, the brakes become less effective.
It will also be difficult to lock it.
On older motorcycles, the rear brake discs are often larger than the front, or even the same size.

”Why do you make the brakes less effective? ”
You may think so, but the rear brake is for control.
The effectiveness of the front brake has improved over time.
Lighter weight around the rear.
There are other reasons. This is one result of the change in the way we think about brakes between 40 years ago and today.
Going a little off-topic, modern ideas and old ideas about things like the mounting position of the front brake and the amount of offset of the front fork are different, so the development concept and customization concept are also completely different.
I guess the conclusion of that kind of thinking is that 6-cylinder and 2-st engine engines have disappeared...

Brembo CNC 84mm Hard Anodized 2PT Brake Caliper

Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
Brembo 2pot crab 84mm hard anodized CNC
High price.
Even if it's not this caliper, I think that the ones made in Taiwan such as Flandeau are good these days.
If I were to install it on my main motorcycle, I would like to install a Brembo.
The manufacturer states that the color may vary slightly from batch to batch.
Bronze is good, but old gold is also very good. I would like the next generation to sell gold color as well.
If it stands out or feels out of place, it's better to go flashy.
It depends on your budget and purpose.
I chose CNC over casting.
I paid a lot of money to customize it, so I wanted it to have a little more performance, and I also wanted it to look more dressed up.
You can't see the front, but it contains a genuine Brembo titanium piston.
Casting has double stickers and is suitable for street use.

frames and supports etc.

This is a photo-based blog, so I post photos and write light explanations in the captions.
If you are interested, this should be helpful. Please zoom in and take a look.

Rear brake handling, floating brake, etc.【summary】

To be honest, customizing the rear brake is dressing up the car for me.
It doesn't do anything flashy when running around the circuit or attacking the mountain passes on the street.
If anything, how is the FCR doing at full throttle on a straight line? I often try.
Motorcycles are vehicles with beautiful functionality, so I'm really happy with customization that improves functionality even if I'm not looking for it.
I'm glad I took the time.
Before installation, the discs and caliper supports were painted.
For the time being, the normal parts are kept.
I don't think I'll go back unless something really happens.
When it comes to motorcycles, overall balance is more important than improving performance in one area.
If I make further changes to my CBX, I will consider purchasing a new motorcycle.
For the rear, we plan to replace the wheels with lighter wheels, replace the swing arm, and install a rear set foot rest.
Brake replacement is a popular custom on older motorcycles.
However, if you ask a shop to create an original combination or suspension, it will be extremely expensive. If you just look at the price of third-party parts and kits, they can be quite expensive.
Rather than making an original and imperfect product, I think it would be better to install a mass-produced product that has been tested many times and has good performance.
Well then! See you again!
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