CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition

CBX400F-Measuring Cowl
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CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition

Perhaps you could call it a trend of the times, but the number of naked motorcycles without round eyes or cowls has decreased significantly.
CBX is also a late model SC06, model names CBX-B and CBX-C, in short, it is a monosuspension CBX with a cowl. There are also such vehicles. The model number is a general model, and the model name is a more detailed model.
If you want to ride a 6-cylinder air-cooled motorcycle, the model SC06 is the best motorcycle.
*Excludes special vehicles such as Moto Martin.
There are many people who ride CBX because they like its design, and many owners who own it.
I also became an owner because the design and 6-cylinder engine were cool. This is a motorcycle I've wanted to ride since I was in second year of junior high school.
The best CBX in my opinion is a CBX that is a model SC06 with a model SC03 exterior and changed to a twin shock. The cam of model CB1 is close to a high cam.
I don't want to write trivia about CBX with a cowl.
Basically, I write this blog with the stance of writing about my own motorcycles.
I've thought about riding a motorcycle with a cowl attached, such as a bikini cowl, several times. However, it just doesn't feel right. The CBX has a strong image of a round twin shock, or rather, it is one of those motorcycles whose design is so cool that it would be hard to disrupt its design.
There aren't many naked motorcycles that look cool without a cowl, such as Ducati's Bevel, Z1R, and Suzuki's Impulse.
With the exception of motorcycles like the GPZ900R, which have a single design including the cowl,
There are few cool motorcycles that have a bikini cowl, or rather a half cowl, and are relatively easy to remove.
I thought it would be cool to have a cowl from the same manufacturer and series, so I decided to use a later model of CBX.
I purchased a cowl for SC06. Then I saw a photo of someone actually installing it.
I didn't think it was very cool because it was stocky and bulky.
The use of a cowl by transplanting the entire exterior of the CB1100R was well-balanced and very cool.
In other words, it just looked like the CB1100R's engine was changed to a 6-cylinder engine.
Then, there was a time when I saw a late model CBX on the internet with a [CBX400F Integra] cowl installed, and I was impressed by how cool it looked.
In reality, they place too much priority on looks, making it impossible to use meters or storage boxes.
I think it's a forbidden act that has disadvantages and should not be done.
Next I got the cowl and stay for the CBX400F Integra.
The cowl is too big, so it's probably unbalanced and uncool!
That's what I thought.
When I actually matched it to the vehicle, it didn't look very cool.
But it's not cool because it's a different color!
I told myself this and decided to move forward without stopping this time.
I decided to collect all the exterior parts, paint them all, and install them.
Once I decide, I will do it as much as possible. When I say I'm going to do it, I want to do it as much as possible.
So, we collected a complete set of battered exteriors at a low price and had them delivered in 2021.
And now that I have passed the vehicle inspection, I would like to install it soon.
I didn't think about anything other than installing the cowl,
I don't like handle mounts because they make the handle heavier.
Make it frame mount. There is also a stay of model SC06.
It seems that the CBX model CB1 was also intended to have a cowl installed later, so it was bolt-on.
Model SC06 cowl stay can be installed.
I feel like it can be made into a cowl with a frame mount with some minor processing.
If it doesn't look cool, you can remove it. Coolness isn't everything, but
It is also true that a motorcycle is easier to ride if it has a cowl.
I wanted to add a cowl, so rather than just not doing it, I wanted to add a cowl.
This is an item that I think it's okay to try and fail.
And this project has started. I plan to post it in several parts.

Photo gallery before installation

This is a photo gallery before installation. The item with the screen attached is new. Including photos while polishing. I think the coolest naked motorcycle with a cowl is the Z1R, so I'm a little conscious when I cut the cowl. The reason why the cowl was cut was because it interfered with the car body. I may have cut it a little too much. I made a temporary match.
I couldn't restore the wiring right away, and it took a long time to get it back on track.
One of the themes is the frame mount, so we also adjusted the steering angle of the handle.
Specifically, we have introduced a handle stopper to reduce the angle at which the handle can be turned.

Painted CBX400F Integra cowl

The lines are a little reminiscent of the Z1R. I didn't paint it myself, but
Before I give it to the paint shop, I draw out a very detailed drawing and tell them how it should look like.
Maybe it would be cool if the colors matched.

CBX400F Integra cowl installation creation edition【summary】

I think it looks pretty cool when I try to match the colors. The article ends up being too long,
I'm splitting the post into parts because it seems like it's going to be a bit disorganized.
My blog is often based on past photos, so there are some things that are not real-time.
By the way, the installation of this cowl has not been completed even as I write this blog.
There are modifications to the screen and fine adjustments to the cowl mounting stay. The wiring has already been fixed.
Once installed, it will have a cowl for the time being, so I'd be happy if it turned out cool.
Well then! See you again!
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