Do you have the parts list, service manual, electrical diagram, and FCR tuning manual?

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Do you have the parts list, service manual, electrical diagram, and FCR tuning manual?

Recently, there was a case in which I lent you a parts list, and I am writing it here.
I wouldn't say it's essential when doing DIY, but
There is no harm in having it on hand and reading it carefully for knowledge purposes.
People who don't have it or haven't read it tend to put off purchasing it.
We recommend purchasing it when you see it.
I didn't have the materials included in the title until I started collecting engine parts.
I loved DIY. Also, it may be tedious to look up the parts you need and write down the numbers, but it's a good idea to do it at least once.
In this column, I think it would be good if I could tell you how important the manual system is.
If you have something you don't have yet, we recommend purchasing it.
Everyone enjoys motorcycles in different ways.
Write something different for each section.
Let's start!

parts list

How is the parts list incorporated beyond ordering parts? Do I need a washer?
What is the bolt size? Although it is not detailed, there are some cases where it is useful.
You can borrow it from a friend and make a copy, but if possible, it's better to have it on hand right away.
I'm not good at searching PDFs, so I use printed parts lists.
Other than parts lists, I also print out and file documents that I want to use as a dictionary, even if they are PDFs.

service manual

The service manual also describes many things that are surprisingly blind spots, such as how to tighten the cam chain tensioner. It also includes instructions on how to assemble an engine, so if you are going to disassemble and assemble an engine from now on, you should purchase this book. It's not something you look at often, but it's important to have it at hand when you need it.

HONDA CBX – Wiring diagram

Electrical distribution diagrams are useful in times of trouble. You can see what is connected where, so if you actually touch the CBX wiring, you can look at it while working. Just by looking at the wiring, you can tell what is connected to where. I couldn't understand how the position light turns on and off until I stared at the electrical diagram for an hour. There are some things that you can only understand by looking at the electrical diagram.
The reason I couldn't figure it out was that the turn signal switch was also used to turn the position lamp on and off.
I didn't know until I looked at the electrical diagram. Or rather, I didn't notice it.
You may be able to download the distribution diagram if you look for it.
Please print it out so you can check it while you work, or make sure you can view it on a tablet.

FCR tuning manual

Please read the FCR tuning manual thoroughly until you become familiar with the tunings.
Once you get used to it, read it again to confirm if there is something you don't understand.
Even if you have been taught by someone else or a senior, the method or description may be different from the tuning manual.
It is important to know the basics and know how to apply them. FCR tunings are intuitive, so many people tend to ignore the tuning manual.
If it does not apply to the tuning manual, there is a strong possibility that it is your own mistake.
If you read the tuning manual, you will be more likely to realize that you may have made a mistake or misconsidered the work you are doing.
Once you get used to it, the only things you will use in the manual are part numbers and diagrams showing the range of influence of the jet.
I only touch FCR tunings for CBX, so I review them relatively often.
I print it separately and use it because I don't want my hands to get dirty.
If you don't have the manual on hand, ask someone who has it and they may be able to print it for you.
If you purchase it separately online, it will cost around 2000 yen.
My FCR tuning manual is written entirely in Japanese.
Even if you can't read English, you can get by.

Do you have the parts list, service manual, electrical diagram, and FCR tuning manual?【summary】

These manuals are expensive to buy, so please find a way to get them at a cheaper price.
In this blog post, I wanted to let you know that something like this exists.
If you have a CB-F manual at hand, you can compare the illustrations and other information to understand the meaning. CBX has many parts in common with CB-F series, so the manuals are similar.
*The description of the cam chain tensioner in the service manual was completely different, so it is not completely reliable.

If you are using an overseas site, you may be able to view parts of it on the web, so some people may not need to have it on hand.
I'm the kind of person who likes to keep manuals, reference books, instructions, etc. on hand even when I'm not cycling a motorcycle.
If you are reluctant about the cost, you can ask your local CBX owner if they have one, ask them what it is, and ask them to confirm the details.
There are no CBX owners who have a negative reaction to the spread of CBX.
As it becomes more popular, information will also increase.
The number of maintenance articles has been decreasing recently, so if there is anything major I will post again.
We hope you all enjoy your motorcycle life, including maintenance.
See you again!
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