Naked style – CBX looks cooler without a cowl

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Naked style – CBX looks cooler without a cowl

In my subjective opinion, I think the naked version of CBX is cooler.
I found a naked style photo from a few years ago, so I'm posting it.
I once again felt that the design of the CBX really suits the naked-style round headlights.
When it comes to riding, a motorcycle with a cowl is definitely easier to ride.
A handlebar-mounted cowl is easier to attach and remove than the current one, but I really want to ride a frame-mounted motorcycle, so personally, I don't have a handlebar-mount option for the CBX.
My preferences change over time, so frame mounts are currently my favorite.

Photo comparison with and without cowl

I tried to arrange photos from roughly the same angle. It depends on your preference, but I prefer the naked style look. I may have some preconceived notions, but it's a motorcycle that has a round headlight and looks great without a cowl. It's not a strange motorcycle even if it has a cowl, but it's probably due to the shape of the tank and tail, etc.
I think this is a motorcycle designed with the assumption that it doesn't have a cowl.
When I meet riders who know the before and after, the things they say are a bit extreme, such as ``It was better without the cowl,'' and ``It looked cooler with the cowl.''
Either way, from the perspective of driving, it is better to have a cowl attached.
It is important to install a cowl that is strong enough to run on.
There are some riders who only have a cowl attached. There are cases where the product is not attached with sufficient strength. Even increasing reinforcement may solve the problem to some extent, so
Please be aware of this for owners who have retrofitted the cowl.

Reason for attaching the CBX400F cowl

It is rare to see someone with a late model cowl attached to a CBX naked style,
In my opinion, the cowl is too big and feels a little unbalanced, and the design of the CBX400F is almost the same.
I am wearing a small cowl. This is also because there weren't many cowls that looked cool with a frame mount. I chose it because at least if it is borrowed from a Honda motorcycle, there will be less discomfort in the design.

Naked style – CBX looks cooler without a cowl【summary】

Naked style became a big hit in Japan in the 1990s.
Regarding my age, I started riding motorcycles in the late 1990s.
At the time, American styles, such as scooters and SR400s, and European cafe styles were popular in Japan.
Motorcycles that I thought were cool when I was a teenager will continue to be cool as I get older.

This may be one of the reasons why the price of 400cc naked motorcycles with a cab is soaring in Japan in 2022.
As you get older, you will be able to use your money to customize things, such as getting parts that you couldn't buy when you were younger, and buying expensive helmets and leather jackets.
I know many other brands as well.
As my knowledge increases, I can do more things.
I feel that naked motorcycles with round headlights are considered cool because the image of cool motorcycles that was imprinted on me when I was young has stuck with me. You can ride more comfortably with a cowl.
Running comfortably will help you run faster.
The one with a cowl is more functional and beautiful.
Please enjoy your motorcycle life safely.
See you again!
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