I go to vote and then ride a motorcycle. Test run-FCR tuning-22/07/10

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I go to vote and then ride a motorcycle. Test run-FCR tuning-22/07/10

I went to vote in the morning, and then did a test run in the morning.
There is a convenience store marked on the map on the information board, although it closed several years ago and is now vacant land.
It was well written.
I would like these places to be updated.
After moving around the country and around the world, I am now running my own business near my parents' home.
It was an election that made me feel the passage of time as I returned to my hometown.
I will post a blog post about the test run after tuning up the FCR.
I took a test drive with the assumption that things would get better by adjusting the screws and JN clips, but
I want to drive with the JN's taper angle changed, and I know that the feeling is better when I run with a larger MJ such as 130, so I was concerned about the bumpy feeling when the throttle opening is 1/2. After touching the jet to a certain extent, I stopped and went home with incomplete combustion. After that, I went to the parts store in search of JN.
However, the wholesaler is closed and stock will not be checked until Monday.
I eat curry, stay at home quietly, and watch everything on the Appraisal Group.

Changes during test run


There is a lean and rich version, but the driving feeling is
It changes quite a bit. Does it feel light or heavy and powerful?
This is an item that requires reducing the number of clip stages, but I roughly replaced it by referring to the past history.

@Acceleration pump discharge timing

I felt that it opened too quickly and became leaner, so I changed the discharge timing of the accelerator pump as a trial.
I feel like it's gotten better. It hasn't gotten any worse, so we will continue to use the current specifications for the time being.

At a parts store

I moved to place an order for JN.
Bike World Nishihara
It's a clean store as it hasn't been open yet.
I left with the promise that I would receive a phone call to confirm, as I wouldn't know the stock status until Monday.
Even if you order online, it's a made-to-order lineup, and it doesn't seem to be sold in stock, so you can't go to a physical store.
When ordering online, it's nice to place the order and pay, but
It will be back ordered in 2 months. If you do not return the money, you will be in big trouble.
The reason is.
I was selling oil by weight, so I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not.
I would like to use it if the conditions are suitable.

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For FCR beginners – How to choose a JN jet needle

When you first start using FCR, you probably don't have more jets than you need.
I'm not a professional, but even I, who take the initiative in tuning things up, am still lacking in jets.
I didn't have the JNs lined up due to the different taper angles, so I couldn't try what I wanted to try.
It's the situation.
This time, I will explain how to buy jets and how to select jet needles.
First of all, select the SJ roughly and as long as it doesn't come off too hard, any number is fine.
The reason is that it can be adjusted using the AS and PS screws. If you can start the engine with a fixed PS of 1.0 minutes and adjust around AS of 1.0 and run reasonably well, there will be no problem. If you don't feel the power when starting, you can open the PS,
If there is a problem starting the engine, there are many cases where it is extremely rich.
Extremely low opening can be adjusted without touching AS, such as by tightening PS.
By the way, this is a story about CBX. With CBX, it is difficult to understand the changes for each cylinder, so I set the screw return the same for all 6 cylinders. For motorcycles where the effect of PS is easy to understand and you can see changes in rotation speed for each cylinder, make adjustments as the rotation speed increases one cylinder at a time, and then adjust the balance when starting, etc.
As for MJ, I prepared a lot of numbers from the beginning and rolled about 10 numbers at a time.
Just keep changing it until you like it. You can also rely on feeling.
If it feels good, it shouldn't be an extremely thin MJ.
This is the main topic, the JN Jet Needle.
JN only has one number at the beginning.
From there, adjust the number of clip stages and AS with the second leanest or thickest straight diameter.
Find your favorite JN. It is better for FCR beginner riders than buying all the JNs.
This will increase your knowledge and make your work easier. When you are not satisfied with anything, change the straight diameter
Please feel free to touch the clip and AS. At this point, find the number of clip stages that is suitable for your machine.
It must have been considered. The number of clip stages and straight diameter cannot be adjusted with SJ or AS.
Not. On the other hand, even if you have many types of jets, it will be a hell of replacing jets, so
The trick is to check the changes one by one without making any extreme changes to the jets, keeping track of the history and proceeding. If you repeat putting on and taking off the FCR about 10 times, even beginner riders should be able to grasp something and be able to call themselves a beginner. As of writing this blog, I know of 200 direct escapes. I don't know if this is more or less. I learned a lot of things for me.

I go to vote and then ride a motorcycle. Test run-FCR tuning-22/07/10【summary】

What I learned this time is that when you ride your motorcycle on election day, you should vote first before getting on the motorcycle.
It is sure to become a topic of election topics at roadside stations.
If you ride a motorcycle and have fun without voting at that time, you will feel bad about other people in many ways.
Motorcycling is just a core hobby that is dying out. A negative image of people who don't ride motorcycles will shorten the lifespan of the hobby of motorcycles in the future.
I try to only ride a motorcycle after going to the polls.
As for FCR, without the jet, the tension was dropping.
I realized again that my number one priority was to install a large MJ.
I will leave the tuning up until JN is in stock.
Please take care so that everyone can have a fun FCR life!
See you again!
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