Initial tunings of CBX FCR33 shipped by BITO. CBX bikers will be happy after reading this.

FCR-tuning Manual Manual
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Initial tunings of CBX FCR33 shipped by BITO. CBX bikers will be happy after reading this.

FCR initial tunings when shipping CBX BITO
PS-1.45 minutes back
AS-1.30 minutes back
JN-90FXM#3 or 90GTM#3

I was able to ask a BITO representative about this information over the phone.
From what I hear, the initial shipping tunings seem to have changed depending on the year.
The shipping source for FCR in Japan is BITO, so the information I heard here is pretty solid.
I will post blog posts mainly in columns.
Since the information is from the internet, is the person in charge telling the truth?
Am I writing the truth? Is there a difference?
Those who read this blog may not understand, but I intend to write the truth.
I haven't heard anything wrong either.
Regarding the muffler, it seems that the tuning is assumed to be equipped with a BITO titanium muffler.
Since it is a pre-tuning and there are individual differences between each vehicle, please be sure to use the above BITO factory tunings.
I can't say it matches.
At least CBX is a product lineup that BITO is putting a lot of effort into.
The accuracy is quite high.
This is the world's BITO. Even if you compare our products with those of other companies, there is a difference in accuracy and quality, such as back steps and machined products. Although it is expensive at around 20%, it is worth more than 20%.
Depending on the parts to be installed, there may be some that can be slightly less accurate, so not all BITO products are better. However, it is true that it looks cool just by installing BITO parts.
The accuracy of parts is also high even for inexpensive products and products in the mid-price range, so
The modern way is to choose one based on your needs.

What did you buy at BITO?

When I ordered FCR's jet needle over the phone at BITO,
I've heard a lot of things, so I'm writing them down. Even if you tell us the FCR count at a parts store, it may not work.
There are a lot of questions, but as expected, the BITO staff answered them easily.
It is unknown whether the shipping company is KEIHIN or BITO.
BITO is manufacturing jets at its own factory at the request of KEIHIN.
As an agent's pride, do they have nearly all types of jets in stock?
I'm not sure, but I was very happy with the variety and number of items in stock.
If I order directly from BITO, the jet needle will arrive within a few days.
For some reason, when ordering via the internet, the delivery date is often one week or two months later for unknown reasons.
Yes. At least for FCR jets, purchasing jet needles directly from BITO is currently the best choice.
Of course, if you can confirm that the product is in stock at the lowest price online, that is the correct option.

[JN] Jet Needle Cut-Up Product Lineup

I was also able to ask about JN Jet Needle's product inventory.
Generally speaking, the rounding up is as follows.
It seems that it is.
Rounding up is not an item number that I often ask for.
Other numbers may be available if you inquire, but
If you order the main number [T] or [Z], the story will not end due to out of stock.
Taking a small needle as an example,
I heard that there were many things to choose from.

compared to my CBX tunings

I intended to make MJ richer, but it is almost the same as the initial tuning.
In my case, I don't like it unless I install a large MJ main jet.
So, intuitively, it was the correct answer.
For SJ, I choose a larger count, but for SJ, I choose a leaner count, so I am able to make ends meet to some extent.
There is no set standard for PS and AS, so there is no way to compare them.
I don't think it's that far off.
Rather, it was helpful to know whether it is okay to set the PS back by 1.45 minutes.
As I proceed with the tunings, I will try the same tunings as BITO.

For beginners to FCR – the first thing to buy

It's a tuning manual. It seems to cost a little less than 2,000 yen, but if you read it carefully before asking someone else, you will be able to ask more accurately. As a result, you can ask high-quality questions and receive high-quality answers. It's not very good, but it's only a few pages, so if your family owns it and you want to enjoy it at home,
No one will criticize you if you copy it. There are some magazine articles that you don't know who is writing them, so if you read the manual as a base, you can enjoy reading magazines.

Initial tunings of CBX FCR33 shipped by BITO. CBX bikers will be happy after reading this.【summary】

I went to a custom shop 20 years ago and had an FCR installed.
At that time, I didn't know about the initial tunings because I was completely entrusted with it.
In the past, air-fuel ratio meters and loggers were not common, and the culture of motorcycles was different.
This was not the time when information was easily available on the internet.
Considering these points, it's a very good time.
It is bad manners to ask custom shops etc. for tuning data, both now and in the past.
Japanese custom shops themselves do not specifically release tuning data.
There's nothing wrong with asking a few questions during a casual conversation.
As for what I heard on the phone directly, I purchase FCR from BITO, so
It doesn't hurt to ask about the factory tunings.
Of course, it is bad manners to ask for specific tuning instructions.
I wish I had asked about the shipping status sooner.
I'm ordering multiple types of jets with different taper angles.
I'm looking forward to receiving it now.
I hope you all have a fun FCR life!
See you again!
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