In the case of a racing carburetor such as FCR, can it be run in the rain with a funnel specification? Should I do it?

HONDA CBX-FCR-Valve opening 1/2 FCR
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In the case of a racing carburetor such as FCR, can it be run in the rain with a funnel specification? Should I do it?

It's been raining a lot lately, so I'd like to write a column about what's on my mind.
As the title says, it's impossible to ride a motorcycle in the rain as a hobby.
So, this time it suddenly started raining and I was wondering if I could get back to the garage safely.
I will write it.
There are no conclusions. I've never run before, and I'm not willing to try, until I'm not feeling well.
Still, I'm sure it will be useful to someone somewhere if I put my countermeasures and ideas in print.
Rain is one of the natural enemies of motorcycles. If you are interested, please read until the end.

What is the problem with driving in the rain with funnel specifications?

Rainwater enters the engine from the carburetor. That's the problem. I haven't tried it, and I don't have any intention of trying it myself, to see what kind of problems will occur at what level.
I think this is the cause of not being able to drive properly.
Since moisture is added to the part where the fire is blown, it cannot be in a normal state.
I think the air-fuel ratio, which has been carefully set, will go completely wrong.
Lately, I've been driving a lot with funnel-type carburetors.
The reason is that the FCR's AS air screw is difficult to turn.
With that in mind, I had some doubts.
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Will rain enter the carburetor with the funnel specification?

Until now, I don't like driving in the rain anyway! That's what I was thinking.
Working motorcycles and commuting motorcycles, including Cubs. Even large motorcycles shipped from the manufacturer are driven in the rain. Such motorcycles do not have any problems.
After thinking about it for a while, I realized something.
The problem is not driving in the rain, but rather rainwater flowing through the tank and frame, causing a large amount of rainwater to enter the carburetor.
I think the problem is getting into it. If you look at the photo, you'll understand.
It is possible to suck in rain floating in the air when the carburetor sucks in air.
I think you can get an idea by looking at the throttle opening, but you can imagine opening it to about 1/2 and sucking in water. I think that if you keep breathing in air mixed with rain, a large amount of water droplets will adhere to the funnel etc. I think I'll be able to drive for a while, at least in light rain and as long as I don't open the throttle too much.
I think it's only when water starts to accumulate in the funnel that it becomes a problem.
The carburetor of the CBX protrudes far beyond the tank, so I think it's quite out of place.
I don't think there is much of a problem with motorcycles where the carburetor is located under the tank.

Measures against rainy weather using FCR funnel specifications

If it's a physical method, I think the only option would be to come up with a mechanism to hide the carburetor.
In terms of how to ride, I think you should avoid opening the throttle more than 1/4.
If you can use a ram air type filter or a type that applies oil, you can repel rainwater for a long time.
I don't think it will be that much of a problem even in rainy weather. I am using FCR with ram air specification,
The filter oil repels water to a surprising degree.

For FCR beginners – Is there a funnel specification or not?

I think there is basically no such thing. If you are someone who can disassemble and clean the engine and carburetor while humming and pretending to be okay, you can do whatever you like, but if you are an amateur DIYer, it is better not to do so considering the damage to the engine and FCR body. is. I see some people using tea strainer filters,
If you are a rider who has ever installed or removed a carburetor by yourself, you will probably want to stop doing it.
Although it is limited to ram air, even if you attach a ram air filter or apply filter oil,
I don't see any changes that would require changing tunings.
There are times when I feel that the funnel version is easier to ride, including the placebo effect.
By the way, once you disassemble the carburetor and clean the tea strainer filter, I think you'll feel like you should stop using it...
I think there are two installation patterns for FCR.
① Completely install it yourself with DIY
② I had the shop install it and set it up for me.
I think these are the only two.
Regarding ①, I don't think there is a problem because I think you will do everything by yourself including the tunings.
Regarding ②, since I have installed the FCR, I would like to proceed with tuning it up myself to some extent rather than leaving everything to the shop. The reason is,
It's hard to tell if something is good or bad unless you touch it yourself.
You can just touch the clip, touch the AS and PS, so I think you should give it a try. If the shop has a decent setup, they will give you the current setup data, so I don't think there will be any problems with recovery.
I think there are various ways of thinking about funnel specification motorcycles,
If you want to ride an old motorcycle for a long time, it is better to avoid damage, so please use this as a reference.

In the case of a racing carburetor such as FCR, can it be run in the rain with a funnel specification? Should I do it?【summary】

It depends on the type of motorcycle and how you ride it, but the basic rule is not to ride a motorcycle on rainy days.
I think it's best to check the weather forecast frequently and take appropriate action.
However, when it comes to meetings or long-distance touring in Hokkaido, I think the only option is to wear equipment that can withstand rain, or to think about ways to protect yourself from the rain by carrying a motorcycle cover or something similar. think. If you have to stop the funnel for a long time, such as during a meeting, cover the funnel with a nylon bag, etc.
One way is to stay out of the rain.
The rainy season has ended, but I think there will be more events such as meetings in early fall.
I think it would be a good idea for those with funnel specifications to start thinking about rain protection while the motorcycle is still running.
See you again!

*Reference photos are posted below.

Reference photo

Wearing an umbrella with duct tape to protect from the rain, how much the valve opens depending on the throttle opening, etc.
I hope you find this helpful.
I'm a Ram Air believer, so I don't get depressed by a little rain, but if it's pouring, I get depressed and take shelter from the rain.
I think the key is whether or not you can run safely until you find a place to take shelter from the rain.
Throttle opening and valve opening are not directly proportional.
When the throttle opening is 3/4, the valve opening will be about 1/2.
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