Riding is fun when you attach a cowl to a naked motorcycle

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Riding is fun when you attach a cowl to a naked motorcycle

There's no wind and it's easier to drive.
It's also a lot of fun to speed up and push it over.
My riding technique is poor.
I only drive fast in a straight line.
In this blog post, I will write about my impressions about the riding effect of installing the cowl.
It's not that the appearance has changed and riding a motorcycle has become more fun.
I have the cowl attached to my CBX pretty securely.
I would be happy if this information would be helpful to those who want to install a cowl on a naked motorcycle.

Does adding a cowl make a motorcycle faster?

The motorcycle itself does not become faster.
The operational feel is considerably improved.
CBX doesn't speed up to the extent that it speeds up due to air resistance.
At least the effect of the driving wind improves maneuverability.
It becomes easier to twist the throttle as the rider has more control.
The correct expression is not to make the motorcycle faster, but to be able to achieve more speed.
Aside from things like thin tires and a weak frame, it's a lot of fun to drive at speed. The strain on the body when riding a motorcycle at speeds of 200km/h is reduced.

I feel like it will be easier to fall down…

This is my impression. I feel like it's easier to fold down because the front area is heavier.
The front tire is actually chipped at the edges.
Details are unknown, but at least it feels like cornering has become more fun.

What about in terms of looks?

Attaching a cowl to a motorcycle that was designed to have no cowl means that
There are many cases where the balance is lost and it doesn't look cool.
①A cowl was attached to the naked motorcycle.
There is no doubt that the design that was born as a naked motorcycle has been broken in some way, and it will be in a disjointed state.

② Make the upper cowl of the motorcycle naked.
Motorcycles that were sold with a cowl design on round naked-style motorcycles such as the Z1R and GS.
I feel like it doesn't feel out of place when it comes to the rounded naked version.
This is because it becomes a state of subtraction rather than addition.

Overall, it is quite difficult to touch the design and color of a motorcycle that has an excellent original design.
If you make drastic changes to the entire product, like customizations made by foreigners, and make changes to the point where it can be said to be a different product, it will feel less strange.
Many Japanese custom motorcycles are original-like customs.
Even when looking at magazines, there are rare cases where adding something half-heartedly makes it look uncool.
I installed a frame-mounted cowl on my CBX, and I chose the CBX400F because it looks like the original and doesn't ruin the atmosphere. As for the cowl itself, I also purchased a later model cowl.
I gave up on installing it because it was too big and unbalanced.
The exterior of the later model of CBX has a completely new design including the tank and seat tail cowl. If you attach only a part of something that is well balanced as a whole, there is a very high possibility that the balance will become unbalanced.

Is it recommended to install a cowl on a naked motorcycle?

If you are particular about design and coolness, it is better to purchase a motorcycle that comes with a cowl from the beginning. For people like me, who only have one motorcycle and whose preferences have changed over time, installing a new cowl is a practical option.
Installing a frame-mounted cowl is a lot of work.
Considering the time and effort involved, it is easier to purchase a motorcycle that is equipped with a cowl from the beginning.
You may suddenly become interested in circuit driving or drag racing.
For such times, it might be a good idea to be a little more conscious of cowling your naked motorcycle.

Riding is fun when you attach a cowl to a naked motorcycle【summary】

The last time I rode my own motorcycle with a cowl was over 20 years ago. It's really fun to ride with the cowl installed after a long time.
To be honest, I don't really feel the benefits of attaching the cowl with a frame mount as much as it takes time and effort. If you want to easily attach a cowl, it is safer and more cost-effective to attach a bikini cowl. I thought about the cost in my previous blog post, and it should cost around 150,000 yen.
It's very fun to be able to ride with the cowl attached.
For those of you who ride naked motorcycles, how about installing a cowl on your custom bike for the winter?
You can enjoy the completely different atmosphere, including driving and style.
I hope you all have a fun motorcycle life!
See you again!

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