I love CBX’s painted accessories.

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I love CBX’s painted accessories.

I am posting photos that I took at the rental garage.
My CBX has a repainted exterior.
We also store the normal exterior separately.
Japanese people tend not to want to make unreasonable customizations.
I'm also Japanese. Don't make unreasonable requests for painting, such as making it purple or gold.
I had it painted candy red to be safe.
However, I wanted to try something, so I asked them to add a line to the front fender.
I had a line put in the upper cowl to match that.
Other matte black parts have been repainted in glossy black.
Matte black, or rather the resin parts are painted as glossy black as possible.
There are three reasons.
① Painting gives a nicer look than exposing the resin.
② Glossy ones are easier to wax and enjoy cleaning
③Because I prefer glossy to matte
There are three reasons.
If it is matte, it may be difficult to repair it if it gets scratched.
I feel like the color is extremely out of sync with other parts and it's difficult to polish.
The image of the motorcycle as a whole is just that it has a normal feel,
This doesn't mean it has to be completely normal or as close to normal as possible.
It would be better if the black ones were black. If you're going to add a line, it's fine if it looks like that. The point is, it's fine as long as the balance doesn't collapse.
It's not my particular taste, but the taste of most Japanese people.
There are some people who don't like manufacturer logos and lines, and choose to repaint them completely in plain colors, not just on motorcycles.
The most enthusiastic person I've ever seen bought a new Zephyr 1100 black and never rode it.
Some people had it repainted in black.
It seems that Kawasaki did not like the black color when it was shipped.
The staff at the store also told them to stop, but I think they were very insistent.
With customization, you can do whatever you want as long as you don't deviate from the regulations.
That person was most enthusiastic about repainting.
I wrote this because I had installed over fenders on the car I bought new the following week.
It may not make much of a difference.

Paint small items glossy black

The CBX side cover, turn signals, meter case, etc. are made of plastic.
These resin parts, including the rear fender, are painted glossy black.
About 90% of the black parts are painted, including the gas cap, inner brake disc, and engine-related accessories. The remaining 10% are things that are difficult to remove and install, or switches.
This type of painting method is not the same as the one used to sell dirty motorcycles at a high price on Yahoo! Auctions.
there is. My CBX is not dirty from the beginning, so I painted it completely to my own taste. Some people don't like glossy paint.
The glossy paint makes the entire motorcycle look beautiful.
The glossy exterior only needs to be polished.
I feel like I don't have to be so careful about maintenance.
The appearance of the matte exterior can change dramatically when cleaned to remove scratches and uneven gloss.

It’s not a small item, but if you make the engine guard black it looks like a frame.

I'm not sure what happened to my CBX, but the engine guard is designed to surround the engine. If you look at it differently, it looks like a subframe, although it's unreliable.
You can compare it in the photo below, but when it's plated, it looks like an engine guard, but when it's black, it looks like a frame, which is strange.
The combination of silver engine and plating and the combination of silver engine and black,
I feel like black is less noticeable.

Add a line to the front fender of CBX

On Instagram, I saw a car with a line on the front fender of a CBX and it had a good balance, so I had them copy it and add it. This is not an original idea, but an imitation of our predecessors.
The later model of CBX, the type with cowl, has a line on the front fender from the beginning. I'm sure it's not something that would make you lose your balance.
The result is really cool.
The front fender line has a very well-balanced finish.
The cowl is based on the normal fuel tank.

put a line on the cowl

This is an original element of my CBX. A line is placed on the CBX400F Integra cowl.
Regardless of whether it's cool or not, I don't find it all that strange.
The cowl of CB400F has a very cool round headlight.
The purpose of installing the cowl is to reach 200km/h.
My friends and acquaintances say I look cooler without a cowl.
I certainly think so too.
My CBX prioritizes having fun while driving.
Priority is given to the feeling of operation when riding.

I love CBX’s painted accessories.【summary】

You cannot make your motorcycle faster by painting small items or pasting stickers on it.
But with stickers
“You can’t run in front of me! ”
If you paste something like,
I think the horsepower in my heart will increase by about 3 horsepower.
Cleaning and changing the appearance will change your awareness and interest in motorcycles.
You will begin to imagine various things for yourself, such as things you want to do or things you want to do.
So this time I wrote a blog post about repainting CBX accessories.
Please try searching for your favorite parts for your motorcycle.
See you again!

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I will post photos taken of accessories and lines.
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