FCR tuning-AS air screw adjustment22/08/03

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FCR tuning-AS air screw adjustment22/08/03

I wanted to eat curry for lunch, so I went for a light FCR test run.
*I wrote about the CBX tunings in the middle of the blog.
With my ability, I can't decide on a good screw position in one go, so I just kept doing test runs.
I'm trying to find the best screw position by going from rich to lean.
So now I've calmed down,
*30 minutes = 0.5 revolutions.
AS1.15 minutes back

AS2.00 minutes back
The ideal is AS1.30 minutes or less,
Since it is within the allowable range of 30 minutes back to 2.30 minutes back within the AS limit value range, I will accept it as good.
PS remains unchanged.
Thanks in part to changing the fully open SJ from 40 to 45, I was able to open the AS wide.
Contrary to speculation, PS seems to have no big impact even if SJ is changed.
At least AS had a big impact.
I'm currently thinking that 40 or 42 is the appropriate range for CBX's SJ.
Of course, the straight diameter of JN may also have an effect,
Currently, I'm using BITO's CBX-specific product, and I can't choose the straight diameter, so the SJ is actually only 40 or 42.
*The JN I am currently using for CBX is 90FXM. Keihin's standard stock
This is a lineup that doesn't exist.

CBX’s current FCR tunings

AS-2.00 minutes
PS-2.15 minutes

I set the PS to the current tuning even though I thought it might be too heavy after seeing the cold start idling.
I'm considering lowering MJ to 130 or 128.
If the number of clip stages is set to #1, I feel like I can't run.
I haven't tried it in the thicker parts, but it's a delicate area where you might not be able to run around #5-7.
At 90ETQ, I got to a level where I couldn't run #5.
Lately, I've been thinking that it would be a good idea to intentionally push the clip to the richest and leanest limits and see how far you can't run.

FCR-For beginners-Screw driving tool

For riders who are thinking of tuning it up themselves, a tool to turn the screw is essential.
Regarding the PS pilot screw, kits that allow you to turn it by hand are also available.
*Depending on the type of motorcycle, it may not be possible to install as it may interfere with the engine...
FCR is installed because you can touch the tunings while touring or driving for a while.
The owner can just leave the AS touchable.
It's difficult to understand, so rather than leaving everything to the shop,
If you try to get a little hands on it yourself, you may be able to discuss specifics with the staff at the motorcycle shop.
At least the experience level of motorcycle shop staff is higher than that of amateurs who handle DIY motorcycles. Even if you provide great information, it would be a shame if riders were unable to receive it. Even if you don't have the confidence to touch it yourself, it's a good idea to ask questions and gain some knowledge before trying it out. If you are a rider who has never experienced FCR yourself, please give it a try, even if just for a little while.
Increasing the number of people who come into contact with FCR will be a positive for the entire FCR industry.

Eating cutlet curry in Golden Valley

Golden Valley
Google Maps will open in a new tab.

Cutlet curry 1100 yen
It's a small and clean shop, and it seems to be quite crowded on Saturdays and Sundays.
The price seems a little high, but I guess it can't be helped given the location.
In my opinion, I don't mind raising the price a little more.
I hope that it will be a store that many people can come to for many years to come.

FCR tuning-AS air screw adjustment22/08/03【summary】

Today is August 3rd. I feel like I have a headache from heatstroke, but I am writing this blog.
Motorcycling is a vehicle that enjoys the coolness and breeze, but you need to be careful about heatstroke.
The oil temperature was over 100 degrees on a mountain road with no traffic lights...
If you want to ride a motorcycle, you need to leave really early in the morning and be back home before noon.
I feel bad.
I feel like I'm suffering from heat stroke today, so I'm thinking of staying calm and recuperating at home.
In order to enjoy your motorcycle life, please be careful not to get heat stroke.
See you again!
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