SYARINMURA2022-Event Companion touring
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I went to 72-8 Kamitoyomatsu, Jinseki Kogen-cho, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture for the first time in a while.
It's quite far from Hiroshima city.
If you are using the expressway, get off at the Fukuyama Higashi Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway.
As you enter the town, there are signboards to guide you.
If you are visiting for the first time, please follow the motorcycles that are running nearby.
This is the motorcycle going to SYARINMURA2022.
You can reach the venue by following behind.

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Compared to the past, there were no radio-controlled corners or high-end sports cars on display, but overall improvements have been made, such as smoother operations and a venue that is less congested than before. Unlike other venues, regulations on extreme events and other activities are loose.
By inviting top professionals, the selling point seems to be that they can be seen up close to the audience seats.
There was an outdoor live performance by Makoto Takahashi of Japan's legendary rock band BOOWY.
It seems like they come almost every year. He is 68 years old.
However, he was so energetic that it didn't seem like he was old.
Although they are living legends that Japan is proud of, this is a top class performance for a BOOWY copy band. In addition, we were able to compare the full carbon Porsche, Toyota's Hilux and Tundra, as well as the Japan Self-Defense Forces' machines, and eat meat from Jinseki Kogen Town at a food stall. The ladies in swimsuits seemed to be used to this event and were acting as MCs, creating a very fun atmosphere.

Photos of SYARINMURA2022

The staff, MCs, and performers are fairly familiar and you can wander around with peace of mind.
Many of our customers have been here several times, so it's a good location and there don't seem to be any major problems.
Kabe, where I am from, is a somewhat prosperous area with many motorsports enthusiasts.
You may know some of the performers or behind-the-scenes staff, or their names may be written on them.
It would be best if you knew the lady who will be your swimsuit companion...
It's still cold season in Japan.
It's a job, but it must be a bit difficult.

Thoughts on the change of venue for SYARINMURA2022

My thoughts on the venue change.
The congestion of vehicles has been resolved to an extent that is incomparable to before.
Last time I went to SYARINMURA2022, there was a huge traffic jam! That image was very strong.
This time, the motorcycles and cars flowed by so smoothly that it took me by surprise.
Of course, you have to enter and exit the parking lot in order, so cars and motorcycles stop there, so the flow is slow to a certain extent, but I didn't feel like I had to worry about finding a restroom or anything like that.
Previously, SYARINMURA was a bicycle parking lot located at a junior high school in Toyomatsu Village. It is safer to set up a side stand on an asphalt surface than to park your motorcycle on dirt. Since there are a lot of them, there are fewer unnecessary worries such as the motorcycle falling over due to the side stand being placed on the ground.
I really liked the atmosphere of an event that raised the whole city.
I think the venue was changed due to traffic problems.
It's been a long time since I visited SYARINMURA after the coronavirus. It seemed like there were fewer motorcycles than when I visited a few years ago. Values are changing around the world due to the coronavirus, so it may be unavoidable that people are less enthusiastic about participating in events.
Overall, regarding my impressions regarding the change of venue, I just feel like the city as a whole has disappeared.
I liked that it used to be held in the center of the city.
Without change, we can't move forward, so I think there were many positive changes.
In the near future, I would be very happy if SYARINMURA were held for two days, or if celebrities who love motorsports came from overseas.
I would be very happy if someone like Keanu Reeves would come.


Going inside the venue is fun enough, but for those who like old vehicles, this is an event that will satisfy you just by going to see the motorcycles.
I think there will be more events, such as cancellations due to the coronavirus, or changes in scale and venue. If you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend you come next year or the year after.
In fact, there seemed to be a group of people who were used to it and just looked around the bicycle parking lot and went home without paying the entrance fee. This year, I felt like there were fewer Z series and more CB series. There will also be a KCBM in Yasuura Town on 2022/05/08. There probably won't be many performances or anything like that, but I think the number of motorcycles that will be there will be about five times that of SYARINMURA. There have been circumstances that have made it difficult to hold events like this recently, so I'm really looking forward to the future.
Well then! See you again next year!
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