FCR tunings – Acceleration and Power Air Fuel Ratio. Bring 12.5 to 13.0 during acceleration.

CBX-meter FCR
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FCR tunings – Acceleration and Power Air Fuel Ratio. Bring 12.5 to 13.0 during acceleration.

My CBX has an air-fuel ratio meter - A/F meter placed in the center of the triple meter.
The normal version comes with an analog voltmeter.
Up until now, I had been using Kawasaki's KLX250 with a smaller diaphragm on the accelerator pump.
I used to use a diaphragm, but this time I replaced it with a standard size. If it becomes partial, there will be 11 units.
The tunings are based on the air-fuel ratio when accelerating or suddenly opening, and how you feel while running.
Up until now, I had been opening it slowly and it felt like the suction was coming.
The moment I open the throttle, the air-fuel ratio system briefly displays a faint reading of 14.0, but it quickly returns to around 12.5. It seems like the accelerator pump isn't working or its effectiveness is weak.
I am keenly aware that I was using the eco mode tuning until just the other day.
We have carefully reviewed the FCR tunings from the current situation.
It is said that black smoke is blown from the muffler in order to make it appear thicker, but the state in which black smoke is emitted is outside the range of expressions that can be described as thick or thin.
At least if it's constantly emitting black smoke, the carb isn't working properly. It may be a problem before tuning it up.
By the way, if you notice a lot of white smoke while driving in 4th stroke, the piston is suspicious.
There is a high possibility that the oil is burning.

Touching PS – Photos and explanations

Autogauge air fuel ratio meter. At first I was using PLX, but it broke down. It was too expensive to buy the same thing again, so I went with an auto gauge. Innovate products are the easiest to use for motorcycles. PLX has beautiful effects and speed, but I feel like the logger function is a little weak. In other words, it doesn't seem to go well with old motorcycles.
This time I slowly changed JN and PS from morning till night and tried various things.
I tried it when the engine was cold. PS1.0 had poor starting performance. Next, change to PS1.5. Basically, the more you open the PS, the easier it will be to open the AS. In the end, I feel like I have to open and close either AS or PS to adjust instruction and starting.

acceleration pump
small → large
Since there are two diaphragms, it should simply be supplying 1.5 times the amount of 4-unit FCR.

# is the number of clip stages from the top. I tried various things and settled on 90FTR#2.
It might be a good idea to try increasing the number of straight or clip stages one more step,
I use this JN when I want a feeling of power or acceleration.
FCR tuning - sub tank
FCR tuning – sub tank
CBX is a motorcycle with poor maintenance. In order to access the carb safely and efficiently, it is basically necessary to attach and detach the tank. If you don't want to change the condition of the throttle wire, you may want to replace the jets with the carb installed, although it will be difficult to work with. MJ can be replaced with the carb installed. Even so, the workability cannot be said to be good as fuel may spill. PS Nos. 3 and 4 are difficult to turn even if you use a PS carb driver without removing and attaching the carb. It's not that I can't turn it, but the tip of the cab driver doesn't engage easily. Specifically, it's hard to apply force and you lose track of how much you've turned it.

FCR tunings – Acceleration and Power Air Fuel Ratio. Bring 12.5 to 13.0 during acceleration.【summary】

Current tunings
I feel like it has gone from lean to rich, but when driving at high speeds, the feeling of acceleration is perfect. I haven't measured the fuel consumption, so I'll try to calculate it accurately tomorrow when I fill it up with fuel.
By the way, the feeling of acceleration is such that I can easily outrun the CB900F that I often go on tours with.
I also tried driving at full throttle on the expressway, but it's possible that the throttle is too rich at full throttle.
10.6 during acceleration. It's about 12.3 in partial. When the throttle is fully open, it is difficult to judge even in actual driving, but I would like to be able to detect changes in MJ's range, even if only little by little. If the MJ grit is too thin and the engine seizes up, it won't be funny, so I think MJ can be made up to 105 even if you use a leaner grit. Next time I'd like to try lowering the MJ by 2 levels and pour more fuel in to check the fuel efficiency. Well then! Have a good FCR life!
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